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Friday, May 6, 2011

A play date day

Today was a short school day because JD had a play date with another baseball team player on his team. His mom home schools him too. This was enough motivation to get JD through all the lesson we needed to before noon. I need motivation like that everyday.

The devotion today was about a fable called The Farmer and the Snake. Aesop’s wrote about a snake he saw across the road. The snake was stiff and frozen from the cold. The farmer felt sorry for the snake and picked him up. As soon as the snake was warm again he turned around and bit the man. The farmer was a foolish man for even picking up the poisonous snake. Many people today do things just as foolish. The play around with sin and temptations. And they wonder why they can’t find happiness and fulfillment. Solomon from the bible says, “People ruin their own lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.” (Proverbs 19:3) People who play with snake should expect to get bitten.

A FedEx surprise showed up on my porch today while we were on break. I have an appointment with the VA in Fayetteville for a general medical examination for left shoulder, fractures right toe, girl stuff, and headaches. While that’s not everything I claimed it’s a start. I mean after all it’s just been two years of fighting for an appointment they claimed I failed to make it to and I wasn’t even aware I had an appointment way back on Feb 2009.

The math lesson today was about Functions and Non-linear relationships. It was a continuation of yesterdays lesson where we had to figure out the value of Y by looking at patterns in the table and writing the rule that applied. Then we learned about linear and non-linear lines on a graph. Linear lines are straight. Non-linear lines are curved. We looked at those lines on the graph and figured out the pattern they would take if they continued on the graph. JD scored a 100% on the lesson.

The social studies lesson today was from Brain Pop. It was all about mapping skills. JD learned about the different types of maps like: physical maps, political maps, road maps, historical maps, and topographical maps. He learned that political maps change often. He relearned about the need for a legend, symbols, map key, and labels. And the lesson ended with teaching scale miles to real miles. JD scored an 80% on the quiz.

The language arts lesson was the Fact and Opinion quiz left over from yesterday. JD scored an 87% on it.

The science lesson today was about pollination. JD learned that trees and grass are often pollinated by the wind and flowers are often pollinated by insects. He also learned that insects are attracted to brightly colored flowers and use the nectar as food. He learned that honeybees and flowers have a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties benefit from each other. I guess I should have known this fact but human sperm cells and pollen both have male sex cells. Also another name for a fertilized ovule is a seed. I absolutely did not know some flowers were pollinated by bats. Those flowers bloom at night. JD did not score well on this quiz. He only got a 60%. I was cleaning while he was working independently. He must have been distracted by something.

JD did earn the right to have his play date. We met the other child at Mendoza Park and then drove both of the boys home. They swam and played in the pool until they could no longer swim. Then, we had a dinner of hotdogs and hamburgers. I called the friend’s mom and asked for the boy to be able to sleep over. She said, “Yes.“ That was a fun day for JD but I can see he needs to work on standing up for what’s right. That means telling his friend he’s a Christian and doesn’t talk or act the way the friend was talking. The friend said he went ot church, but if mom doesn’t go what is he really learning?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo

It was a good day. I particularly like today’s devotion. It started out saying God listed many specific commands about what priest’s should wear, what old testament people should eat and not eat, and even what to do if they found a bird’s nest on the ground. Then, it transitioned into sometimes it’s not always easy to know what’s right or wrong. Sure murder and stealing are wrong, but often times there’s no clear line. It taught JD that if he’s unsure if the choice is right or wrong he is to: put off doing it, pray about it, search the bible for direction, and ask for advice from parents or from a Christian friend he trusts. If it’s still unclear…steer away from it.

The math lesson today was finding the value of Y using either subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division in tables that had patterns. There’s specific ways of writing the rules too. (Ugh!) Next, we used ordered pairs and plotted them on a grid. If the lesson already had them on a grid we had to figure out the pattern there too. JD scored a 100% on this quiz.

The language arts are lesson was on Fact and Opinion. Today JD read the interactive stories or passages looking for fact or opinions. Today he only did the lesson and not the quiz.

JD read for thirty minutes while I cleaned my client’s house. This was the first time she has been home while I cleaned her home. She likes to talk and it was terribly distracting to me because I fly around like a busy bee getting those rooms done. She kept trying to talk with me and pulling me over to her computer to look at this or that. And I kept telling her, “I’ve got to clean your house.” I did as much as I could in the three hours I was there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A good short school day

Today was a good short school day.  We only did the devotion, math, and language arts.  We did not do science, social studies, or reading time today.  Instead we visited the child of a new couple who recently joined our church. Their three year old boy was attacked by a pit bull while at their friends house. The dog clamped from his chin all the way to his right eye area. Looks like Micah will still have his sight and the doctors did a good job of stitching him up. We only stayed for about 20 minutes and then I prayed with them and left. Jonathan and I took some time before visiting them to get little Micah a present or two.

The devotion today listed three bible characters that did the right thing but ended up in a worse place than before the decision like: Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, Elijah and Queen Jezebel, and Daniel and the lion’s den. Right choices are not always rewarded on Earth nor does it bring immediate benefits, but it does please God when we make the right choices.

The math lesson today was all about problem solving. We relearned the formulas for finding perimeters on a rectangle or a square (P=4s), the area on a square, triangle, and a rectangle. Each formula is different. (Ugh!) Then we learned volume on a cube or an rectangle. The last thing we learned in this lesson was circumference. Then all of a sudden the lesson changed to off the wall problem solving other than perimeters, area, volume, or circumference. Things like the # of years between 1953 and 1901, the number of legs on ants and spiders, and time/distance questions. The lesson used the acronym W.O.R.D. to help with problem solving. W = what do I need to do to solve this problem? O = Organize your information. R = Reach for your strategy. D = Did you check the question? JD scored a 100% on the quiz.

The language arts lesson was about the Theme and the Main Ideas on a fictional story or passage. Yesterday JD did the lesson and today I had him take the two associated quizzes. He scored a 73% on the first one and a 93% on the second one. I usually do dishes while de does language arts so I don’t know exactly what it was he didn’t understand about the first quiz.

We had baseball practice today from 5:30-7 pm. The team is really shaping up. Then we visited a child of a church member who was bitten by a pit-bull.  The last event of the night was baseball practice.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A good day

The devotion was about reputations. It listed fictional and factual names and characteristics like barbaric, brave, artistic. Then it asked, “If your name were on this list, what sort of reputation would your friends, family, and other identify with you?” JD listed: brave artistic, smart, athletic, and strong. The more important question was will they say you are merciful and kind. He answered, “Yes.”

The math lesson finally helped JD and I understand cylinders. The lesson was about finding the right formula for volume. We learned about rectangle (multiply the three sides), cube (multiply the three sides), and cylinder (too complicated to type) volumes. JD scored 5 out of 5 correct on the quiz.

I had JD sign onto T4l for the language arts lesson. He’s still in the comprehension lesson and will be for awhile. Today he did an interactive lesson on Themes and Main Ideas on fictional stories and passages. There was not a quiz today.

We went to Brain Pop for science today to learn about natural disasters. JD learned about tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, winter storms, tsunamis, and wildfires. All of these are relevant and possible in our part of the country. The lesson emphasized being ready for a storm, having a plan, and a safety kit. He only scored a 70% on the test.

We stayed in Brain Pop for the social studies lesson as well. Today JD relearned the continents of the world. JD learned that not everyone agrees on the number of continents. However, most people believe there are seven. The continent with no permanent residents is…Antarctica. Australia is unique because it is the only continent with only one country on it.

We had our Pirate pictures taken today. I should have them back within two weeks.

Monday, May 2, 2011
It was a short lesson day after a refreshing spring break vacation. We only accomplished three lessons today.

The devotion was about a man talking like he was blurred out on TV. He was speaking under the conditions of anonymity. He “borrowed” money from his boss and was a very rich man now. He was caught and promised to pay back all the money. The boss decided the employee was forgiven and did not need to pay back the money. In the reception area of the building this guys see a man that owes him $2000. He asks for the money and the guys say I need a little time. The now free from debt guy refuses his offer and demands his money. The big boss gets word of this and calls the million dollar “borrower” back into his office. The devotion ends with the million dollar “borrower” behind bars in an orange jump suit. The boss originally cut him a break, but when he did not give mercy to the other guy…justice was served. It’s sometimes hard to forgive someone when the offense seems hard, but look at all that Jesus has forgiven of us. If I tallied all my sins for just one day…

In math today we finished the quiz from the lesson on 21 Apr. It was about finding surfaces of objects. It only had five questions and JD scored a 100%. Then we moved onto wrapping those objects with wrapping paper. This lesson was extremely frustrating to me keeping all those formulas straight in our heads. And it showed on the lesson. Together we only scored a 64%. I had JD print two of the formulas so we could look at them during the quiz. I was extremely scared to take the quiz and it took a LONG time. We scored an 80% on the quiz.

I had JD continue with the T4L language arts comprehension lessons. We took two quizzes on the main idea and supporting details on two non-fiction stories. He scored a 93% on the first quiz and an 80% on the second quiz.

We had another baseball game tonight. JD played catcher tonight and he was the only player that got on base with a hit. Unfortunately, they lost this game. Their record is two losses, one win.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break week

Sunday, May 1, 2011, at 10:39 PM - Justice has been served
I finally have closure in the breaking news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Because of him I spent 5 ½ months in a tent between Oman and Qatar in 2002-2003. All of you remember this is when Jeff suffered his series of heart attacks and I was sent back to the desert as my own replacement. In 2004-2005 I was deployed to another tent in Iraq for 41 days. And finally in 2007 I deployed to another tent in Iraq for 4 months. All those growing up memories missed with JD, missed Christmas’, birthdays, and wasted time…I finally have closure. I have a book of pictures filled with family pictures. I carried with me during each deployment. It was call “The Reason Why I Am Here.” That was my reminder that I was away from my family to protect them on the terrorist turf and not my own back yard. Am I overjoyed that died, no. Am I happy justice was served, yes.

Monday - Friday, April 25-29, 2011
Spring Break
JD had a wonderfully relaxing Spring Break with included sleeping in, watching TV, and playing in his pool. He’s getting pretty tan already.

I on the other hand worked my butt off. (Oh I could only hope…but my back was killing me the whole week.) I borrowed my neighbors pressure washer and cleaned the entire back deck, back of the house, sidewalk, and two thirds of the driveway. (That took two full days.) I also put one coat of stain on the deck. (Another full day.) We’ve lived here since February 2002, and we’ve never treated, stained, or varnished that deck. It really could use another coat of stain, but I’ll see if I can get away with just one coat for this year. I still need to varnish it though.

I also shovel tilled our garden plot again this year. (I figured I could use the exercise.) I also shopped around and located plants for our small vegetable garden. Last year I planted seeds and I was not happy about the growth.

I also planted more flowers in my flower garden and the boys dug huge holes for our three fruit trees. I accidentally bought two apple trees instead of one apple and one peach tree. Jeff also bought a plum tree. Fruit trees have a short lifespan in our yard. Between cars running over them, boys trampling them, and the knight in shining armor killing them with a sword…I’ll be amazed if these life two years. In years past we’ve tried growing them in the front of the house. This year we planted them close to the woods.

So besides a baseball practice my week was jam packed with work, work, work. I’m looking forward to school starting back up again. (Ugh!)

Monday, April 25, 2011
Pirates vs. the Yankees
We won our baseball game tonight because the Yankees had to forfeit. They didn’t have enough players. We had a scrimmage against them and technically they still won.
Friday - Sunday, April 22-24, 2011
An Easter visit
Grammy and PaPaw arrived Friday for an Easter visit. And we loved having them. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to see any of JD’s baseball practice on Friday, 22 April. Spring Lake cancelled all practices because of Good Friday. But we had a wonderful day on Saturday. We all watched the kids on their Easter egg hunts. JD’s age group was separated from Suri’s and Isabella’s age group. Suri wasn’t really interested in the eggs until she realized there was candy in them. Oh those Hyder sweet tooth’s. Reuben showed up at church too so we got a family picture in the prayer garden.

Grammy and Papaw joined us for our Easter Sunday service and after lunch they were on their way back to Tennessee.