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Monday, June 7, 2010

The last day of school

Today was the last official day of school. We did absolutely nothing school related.

I'm busy now trying to establish the summer activities schedule. It will include things like: swimming, bowling, and roller skating; and tons of field trips to museums and parks around the Fayetteville area.

JD will of course be taking his annual summer vacation in Tennessee, but the dates have not been established yet.

Well thank all of you for your prayers and encouragement. I would consider this to be a very successful school year. At least the part attended at Faith Christian Academy.

JD accomplished straight A's in 8 topics. (Even spelling) The NC grading scale says a 93 - 100 = A and an 85 - 92 = B

Spelling 93.2 Studied and tested on 197 spelling words total since Jan.
Lang Arts 97.2 Learned the following skills since Jan: vocab, think alouds, comprehension, and elements of writing
Math 95.3 Since Jan has mastered: whole # oper, decimals, fractions, algebra, measurement, geometry, probability, and data analysis
Science 98.2 Much of the time since Jan was spent on scientific
Health 100 Learned about diseases, safety, goals, friends, and stress since Jan.
History 98.5 Since Jan. has learned US history from 1801-1850.
Civics 97.6 Since Jan has learned complete economic system. Possesses the skills to become an entrepreneur.
Social St. 97.6 Since Jan has learned about: 50 states, capitals, major cities, and regions.
Keyboarding - S Spent average of 40 minutes a week keyboarding. Total keyboarding time since Jan. 12 hours!
Journal - S
Left 4 months of public school with 1 writing sample (a small handwritten note.) Accomplished 24 journal entries since Jan.
Art - S Learned various aspects of beginning art.
Reading - S Read 5 books since Jan.
Email/Snail - S Learned email etiquette.
Word bank - S Learned 45 descriptive adjectives.
Music - S Dabbled in organ and guitar.

Those are the concrete measurable goals. The other goals I had coming into this adventure were also satisfied. He has learned to start embracing school as a need in life verses a punishment where the teachers and kids "hate him." His self esteem is up and so is productivity. I'm satisfied with the results of our maiden voyage.