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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A good day

The devotion was about reputations. It listed fictional and factual names and characteristics like barbaric, brave, artistic. Then it asked, “If your name were on this list, what sort of reputation would your friends, family, and other identify with you?” JD listed: brave artistic, smart, athletic, and strong. The more important question was will they say you are merciful and kind. He answered, “Yes.”

The math lesson finally helped JD and I understand cylinders. The lesson was about finding the right formula for volume. We learned about rectangle (multiply the three sides), cube (multiply the three sides), and cylinder (too complicated to type) volumes. JD scored 5 out of 5 correct on the quiz.

I had JD sign onto T4l for the language arts lesson. He’s still in the comprehension lesson and will be for awhile. Today he did an interactive lesson on Themes and Main Ideas on fictional stories and passages. There was not a quiz today.

We went to Brain Pop for science today to learn about natural disasters. JD learned about tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, winter storms, tsunamis, and wildfires. All of these are relevant and possible in our part of the country. The lesson emphasized being ready for a storm, having a plan, and a safety kit. He only scored a 70% on the test.

We stayed in Brain Pop for the social studies lesson as well. Today JD relearned the continents of the world. JD learned that not everyone agrees on the number of continents. However, most people believe there are seven. The continent with no permanent residents is…Antarctica. Australia is unique because it is the only continent with only one country on it.

We had our Pirate pictures taken today. I should have them back within two weeks.

Monday, May 2, 2011
It was a short lesson day after a refreshing spring break vacation. We only accomplished three lessons today.

The devotion was about a man talking like he was blurred out on TV. He was speaking under the conditions of anonymity. He “borrowed” money from his boss and was a very rich man now. He was caught and promised to pay back all the money. The boss decided the employee was forgiven and did not need to pay back the money. In the reception area of the building this guys see a man that owes him $2000. He asks for the money and the guys say I need a little time. The now free from debt guy refuses his offer and demands his money. The big boss gets word of this and calls the million dollar “borrower” back into his office. The devotion ends with the million dollar “borrower” behind bars in an orange jump suit. The boss originally cut him a break, but when he did not give mercy to the other guy…justice was served. It’s sometimes hard to forgive someone when the offense seems hard, but look at all that Jesus has forgiven of us. If I tallied all my sins for just one day…

In math today we finished the quiz from the lesson on 21 Apr. It was about finding surfaces of objects. It only had five questions and JD scored a 100%. Then we moved onto wrapping those objects with wrapping paper. This lesson was extremely frustrating to me keeping all those formulas straight in our heads. And it showed on the lesson. Together we only scored a 64%. I had JD print two of the formulas so we could look at them during the quiz. I was extremely scared to take the quiz and it took a LONG time. We scored an 80% on the quiz.

I had JD continue with the T4L language arts comprehension lessons. We took two quizzes on the main idea and supporting details on two non-fiction stories. He scored a 93% on the first quiz and an 80% on the second quiz.

We had another baseball game tonight. JD played catcher tonight and he was the only player that got on base with a hit. Unfortunately, they lost this game. Their record is two losses, one win.

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