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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break week

Sunday, May 1, 2011, at 10:39 PM - Justice has been served
I finally have closure in the breaking news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Because of him I spent 5 ½ months in a tent between Oman and Qatar in 2002-2003. All of you remember this is when Jeff suffered his series of heart attacks and I was sent back to the desert as my own replacement. In 2004-2005 I was deployed to another tent in Iraq for 41 days. And finally in 2007 I deployed to another tent in Iraq for 4 months. All those growing up memories missed with JD, missed Christmas’, birthdays, and wasted time…I finally have closure. I have a book of pictures filled with family pictures. I carried with me during each deployment. It was call “The Reason Why I Am Here.” That was my reminder that I was away from my family to protect them on the terrorist turf and not my own back yard. Am I overjoyed that died, no. Am I happy justice was served, yes.

Monday - Friday, April 25-29, 2011
Spring Break
JD had a wonderfully relaxing Spring Break with included sleeping in, watching TV, and playing in his pool. He’s getting pretty tan already.

I on the other hand worked my butt off. (Oh I could only hope…but my back was killing me the whole week.) I borrowed my neighbors pressure washer and cleaned the entire back deck, back of the house, sidewalk, and two thirds of the driveway. (That took two full days.) I also put one coat of stain on the deck. (Another full day.) We’ve lived here since February 2002, and we’ve never treated, stained, or varnished that deck. It really could use another coat of stain, but I’ll see if I can get away with just one coat for this year. I still need to varnish it though.

I also shovel tilled our garden plot again this year. (I figured I could use the exercise.) I also shopped around and located plants for our small vegetable garden. Last year I planted seeds and I was not happy about the growth.

I also planted more flowers in my flower garden and the boys dug huge holes for our three fruit trees. I accidentally bought two apple trees instead of one apple and one peach tree. Jeff also bought a plum tree. Fruit trees have a short lifespan in our yard. Between cars running over them, boys trampling them, and the knight in shining armor killing them with a sword…I’ll be amazed if these life two years. In years past we’ve tried growing them in the front of the house. This year we planted them close to the woods.

So besides a baseball practice my week was jam packed with work, work, work. I’m looking forward to school starting back up again. (Ugh!)

Monday, April 25, 2011
Pirates vs. the Yankees
We won our baseball game tonight because the Yankees had to forfeit. They didn’t have enough players. We had a scrimmage against them and technically they still won.
Friday - Sunday, April 22-24, 2011
An Easter visit
Grammy and PaPaw arrived Friday for an Easter visit. And we loved having them. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to see any of JD’s baseball practice on Friday, 22 April. Spring Lake cancelled all practices because of Good Friday. But we had a wonderful day on Saturday. We all watched the kids on their Easter egg hunts. JD’s age group was separated from Suri’s and Isabella’s age group. Suri wasn’t really interested in the eggs until she realized there was candy in them. Oh those Hyder sweet tooth’s. Reuben showed up at church too so we got a family picture in the prayer garden.

Grammy and Papaw joined us for our Easter Sunday service and after lunch they were on their way back to Tennessee.

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