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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo

It was a good day. I particularly like today’s devotion. It started out saying God listed many specific commands about what priest’s should wear, what old testament people should eat and not eat, and even what to do if they found a bird’s nest on the ground. Then, it transitioned into sometimes it’s not always easy to know what’s right or wrong. Sure murder and stealing are wrong, but often times there’s no clear line. It taught JD that if he’s unsure if the choice is right or wrong he is to: put off doing it, pray about it, search the bible for direction, and ask for advice from parents or from a Christian friend he trusts. If it’s still unclear…steer away from it.

The math lesson today was finding the value of Y using either subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division in tables that had patterns. There’s specific ways of writing the rules too. (Ugh!) Next, we used ordered pairs and plotted them on a grid. If the lesson already had them on a grid we had to figure out the pattern there too. JD scored a 100% on this quiz.

The language arts are lesson was on Fact and Opinion. Today JD read the interactive stories or passages looking for fact or opinions. Today he only did the lesson and not the quiz.

JD read for thirty minutes while I cleaned my client’s house. This was the first time she has been home while I cleaned her home. She likes to talk and it was terribly distracting to me because I fly around like a busy bee getting those rooms done. She kept trying to talk with me and pulling me over to her computer to look at this or that. And I kept telling her, “I’ve got to clean your house.” I did as much as I could in the three hours I was there.

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