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Monday, April 4, 2011

A very short school day

I needed a bit of extra sleep last night because I was up until midnight working on some church nominating committee stuff. So, we did not do devotion, AWANA book, social studies, or science today. I hate Mondays. So it was a short school day. We did however, get the Isuzu re-inspected today, and it PASSED! Whew…wouldn’t want to get pulled over with expired tags.

The math lesson today was about Pythagorean theorem. It’s complex to explain. It took us a while to learn ourselves. Basically it was using a formula to figure out TV screen sizes or computer screen sizes. (I think if I need to know that I’ll read the box it comes in - LOL) JD scored a 90% on the quiz.

The language arts lesson was in T4L. Today JD learned about antonyms. I didn’t write down the words so I can’t share them with you. He completed two lessons and did not have to do a quiz.

I also started a cat sitting job Saturday and JD goes with me twice a day to check on them and play with them. He actually rides his scooter during one of the trips both ways for a total of 1.5 miles round trip.

I called Womack again for blood work results. They called me back to tell me to call Pope.  I had to leave a message with Pope.  Grr!

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