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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A good half day

Back to the grind again. We had a good half day. And I also had the privilege of watching the grandbabies while home schooling so Sarah could go to work. Reason: both of the girls have ringworm, Reuben overslept, and the babysitter can't take them until tomorrow (Thursday.)

I started a “correction log” to show JD what behaviors are not acceptable to me. I also added an obedience portion to it. This way I’m able to “show” JD how many times he let the dogs distract him, how many times I tell him to be quiet (sleeping babies), and how polite and obedient he really can be. (Smile.)  The reason I did this was because it felt like the whole vacation was fussing at JD about this or that.  It was like that was the first time he'd even been taught manners or inappropriate behaviors.  He's a COMPLETELY diffent student than he was a wandering vacationer.   

We did our devotion today. It felt funny picking up from where we left off 13 days ago. Today we learned about fairness. That’s tough when we don’t think something is fair. But who are we to judge? Some things we flat out know are wrong, thus making something unfair. We have all heard of “The Golden Rule” of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s comes from the bible in Matthew 7:12. God values justice because He is just. It’s not something God does, it’s something he is - just! Treating people fairly even when they don’t treat us fairly is right - for all people, for all times, and in all places.

In the AWANA book today we completed challenge 6:2 which was to write the child of a missionary to encourage him/her. We found that child (Anna) before we left for Europe and finally wrote to her today. JD did a wonderful job of encouraging Anna. Anna is a four year old girl having a difficult time church hopping on the weekends because her parents are AWANA missionaries. JD told Anna, “Since your parents are missionaries it’s normal for you to move around a lot. But they are doing the right thing. I have moved to four different schools before so I know how hard it is to keep friends. But the good side is that you get to meet new friends. And you are doing the right thing when you are giving the love of God to the other kids. So keep the love of God in your heart and a smile on your face.” (What a good letter.) I combined this lesson with the language arts lesson.

The math lesson was about angle measurements. It was and easy lesson that retaught us 0*, 45*, 90*, 135*, and 180*. The quiz was up for interpretation and JD scored a 90%.

I also went to Walgreens to get my European pictures made into disks for both Lyndell and Greg. Then, I ran off to baseball practice from 5:30 - 7 pm. A very busy day and night. (Whew…relax…breathe.)

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