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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another good day

Today’s devotion was about knowing information like: ABC’s and never reading, passing a driver’s license test and not ever driving, or knowing the cure to a cold and not choosing to take it. Can you imagine not using that information? People do it all the time when they choose between right and wrong. We may know it but we don’t show it. We would tend to do the wrong thing more than right unless we make a conscience decision to do right.

Today in the AWANA book JD completed challenge 6:4 where he learned he can have peace with Christ. He memorized three bibles verses to back up this fact.

The math lesson was easy today. It was about angle sums. It only covered the triangle. When you count the three angles in the interior they will all add up to 180*. They also reviewed the triangle names like: scalene (all different lengths), isosceles (2 angles are equal), equilateral (all angles are 60*), right scalene (contains exactly 1 right (90*) angle), and right isosceles (contains 1 right angle and 2 45* angles.) Too much information huh?

The language arts and social studies lessons were combined today. I typed up four sets questions for both Ireland and Scotland and I left room for the answers. They were questions like: 3 things I liked/disliked about Ireland/Scotland, 3 words they use that we don’t, and 3 differences between the US and Ireland/Scotland. JD only finished the Ireland portion today. The three things he disliked about Ireland were 1.) I didn’t get to take Tater 2.) and Roxy with me 3.) and I got sick in Ireland. (Too funny)

I also cleaned my client’s house for three hours. Man am I whooped. Signing off for now...

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