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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A distraction free day

Sarah started a housekeeping job today and the girls are currently being babysat by a friend. Sarah thought home schooling JD and watching the girls would be too much to handle. So today I woke up to a completely quiet house. I have to admit…it made for an less distracting day. JD seemed less “stressed.” We completed all of our lessons today. (Smile)

Standards of measurement
The devotion was about standards of measurements like: a thermometer, a tape measure, a yardstick, a speedometer, a pressure gauge, and God. Wait a minute…God? Yep. If you wanted measure rightness from wrongness of an attitude or action, you measure it against God’s values. He is the standard for measuring right and wrong.

We only worked for a short time in the AWANA book. JD memorized Titus 2:11-12 to remember that because of Jesus JD has salvation.

The math lesson was a continuation from Monday’s lesson. Remember I got up and walked away because JD was frustrating me. He learned the three steps to figuring out sales tax, shipping charges, and discounts. He was so focused his brain was working much faster than his fingers. (That’s a polite way of saying he was hyper.) He scored a 92% on the lesson and a 100% on the quiz. But the best part is he understands the concept. That’s good because it will be a needed life skill.

Today JD did a T4L language arts lesson about poetry. It was a read aloud story about a boy who watched too much TV. Imagine that! But he dad also watched a lot of TV. JD and I also edited two papers he wrote. I was not checking for spelling errors. I mostly “picked on” capitalization in the middle of words. It’s the strangest thing. I asked why he did that and he said, “Well, you always write in capital letters.” (DO I REALLY?) Anyway we edited Top Ten Reasons Why I Love You from 14 Feb and the Boys Verses Girls paper from 23 Feb. Then we reviewed the reasons you would caputalize words. He took the criticism well.

For science today I taught JD how to read the electricity bill. This was a piggy back lesson from 23 Feb where we went out and read the electric meter on our home and figured out common kWh on each one. Then, I showed him how our bill shows us the typical high and low months throughout the year. This of course is in conjunction with the hotter and colder months.

For social studies today I counted our field trip to AAA to get our International Drivers licenses. It is a quick and painless process when you have all the paperwork signed, photos, and cash. Maybe the Passport people need a lesson in customer service tips. (Smile.) So now we’re free to roam all around Ireland and Scotland in a car too.

After the “boring” and non-eventful Drivers Licence task I dragged JD into Old Navy for some new pants that actually fit. He is officially no longer in “boys” pants. He is now in “mens” pants. (I am sad…a moment of silence please.) He fits into a 30 or 32 waist but I could find nothing shorter than a 30 inseam. So I guess for the next couple of years I’ll be hemming men’s pants. I also opted out of an X-Large boys shirt and chose a medium men’s shirt.

JD did not read his book today but I did. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through all 292 pages. I can’t wait to see the movie!

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