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Monday, February 28, 2011

Frustrating day

Just getting to JD’s doctors appointment was frustrating. The Army closed one of the 24 hour gates at Pope AFB. Since the Army took over everything is messed up. So we drove all the way around the base and came in through the Army side. I called the nurse to let her know of our problem and that we didn’t forget the appointment. They accepted us just as we walked in. The doctor could not find anything wrong with JD’s blood work from the 16 Feb appointment. I was still concerned about the weight gain this past year. I’ve kept an accurate log of all of his appointments since he was 7 years old. In the last year alone JD has gained 32.2 pounds. That should be a red flag to any doctor. On the up side he has also grown 2.6 inches. The doctor referred us to Womack Army hospital to see another Endocrinologist. We went in Sept 2010 but they only looked at Pope’s blood work numbers and said nothing was wrong. We’re waiting on the referral office to schedule that appointment. Shortly after arriving home the doctor called me and wanted to refer JD to a Nutritionist. I agreed and that appointment will be 25 Mar at 10:00 am. (Ah, the military scratch your head and guess game is sooo fun.)

The devotion was about a young girl stuck between going to a party with the cool girl or remaining friends with a not so popular girl. The typical old problem of being tempted to do wrong. The popular girl told the girl she can’t come if she’s friends with the not so popular girl. After a short discussion with mom, the girl decides telling the not so popular girl she’s going to be busy for a while and they can’t hang out as much would be lying. This was a tough lesson of doing the unpopular thing, but the right thing.

Today in the AWANA book JD memorized Romans 8:38-39 to help him remember that because of Jesus, JD is loved. We also started challenge 5:4 where JD learned that because of Jesus, he can have salvation. He memorized Romans 4:5.

Math was frustrating today. I should have known better than to mess with JD’s schedule. It was a frustrating lesson because JD’s mind was not on math. I think he had a stereo going on in his head and ants in his pants. I ended up getting up in the middle of the lesson and telling JD to go read his book. The lesson was about finding a discounted percent off and adding in a percent of sales tax. But JD just didn’t get the concept. So instead of telling me he didn’t understand he just kept distracting himself. We’ll finish that lesson tomorrow.

JD read the book Hoot for thirty minutes. Since he’s so close to finishing I thought I’d better get to reading it so I’m armed with questions for him when it’s finally done. I’ve never seen the movie but I do know the plot. It is an action packed book thus far. I feel for kids that move around a lot and the bullies that pick on them. I’m about one third of the way through the book, but I’m taking notes because of my memory. And JD was right. There are cuss words in it. When JD was little we used to say the word “stupid” was a bad word. So I thought he meant those kinds of “cuss” words. It’s not like a sailor wrote the book with every other word being a cuss word. It’s just scattered here and there. Once were done reading the book we’ll use those dictionary skills to look each one up.

It was an extremely windy day today and branches were falling out of the pine tree in our back yard.  So today I ran a tornado drill.  It was uneventful, but needed.  Since the girls are here now it forced us to find a different hiding spot.  Our plan in the past has been to hide in the closet of the spare room.  Now we pull out the love seat and hide there. 

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