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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A movie day

It was another distraction free day. And we finally got to see the movie Hoot.

The devotion was about prices. It asked JD to match up items and prices like: sodas, newspapers, school lunches, cars, a visit to the doctors office, and baseball cards. It mentioned that some items were priced kind of steep while other prices seems like bargains. Then, it transitioned into the price of doing the right thing can be pretty steep too. However, the price of doing the wrong thing is usually steeper. God does not promise that we will be rewarded in this life for every right choice we make, but he does promise that obeying his commands will accomplish our good - maybe not right now, but in the long run, and certainly in eternity.

In the AWANA book today JD read four passages in Matthew, Mark, and Romans. This completed challenge 5:5.  He relearned the calling of Jesus’ disciples. He also learned more ways on how to live his life. Things like love sincerely, hate what is evil, and sharing with those in need.

Right after JD and I finished the AWANA lesson there was a knock at the door. I thought they were magazine sales people but it turns out the two ladies standing before me were Jehovah Witnesses. I explained I was currently home schooling. I took their reading material and asked for them to come back later. We never discussed a day or time, but I am hoping they come back. I needed a poke in the butt in order to 1.) defend my (or know why I have a ) relationship with the trinity and 2.) to help them see the differences in the trunk issues between our religions.

I finished reading the book Hoot with JD. He was thankful we read the last of it together. I could tell he wanted to see the movie just as bad as I did. Here’s the official count of bad words: smart @$$ 2 times, bad@$$ 1 time, @$$ 1 time, dumb@$$ 1 time, and damn 6 times. We did watch the movie today for language arts. The disk got scratched while in JD’s care. When I found it weeks ago I worried about that. We got through about 2/3rds of the movie before I finally gave up starting and restarting the scratched disk. I intended to take his copy to the movie store and have the disk buffed but I forgot it at home. I ended up just renting another copy. We noticed a few differences here and there from the book to the movie but overall it was about the same. The ending was largely different from the book. We had hoped one scene would stay but it didn’t make it into the movie. I asked JD which one he liked better and he said the movie. When I asked him why he said, “I don’t like to read that much.” The movie was cuss free. Thank goodness. Personally I liked the book much better.

The math lesson today was about making predictions from graphs and solving multi-step word problems. JD was NOT focused today. I think that’s because we did not do math in the morning like we usually do. The predictions were easy to make once we figured out the pattern. The multi-step problems took some thinking for JD, but he worked through each and every one of them. He did the quiz while I did dishes and folded laundry. He scored an 80%. I can see where he messed up two questions and I would have interpreted the graphs the same way.

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