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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Low tolerance day

It was just one of those days.  I had zero tolerance for immature behavior and a child who was NOT focused. 

The devotion was about two fictional characters named Muck and Mire. They went off on a quest to find the king. The laundry lady said, “There ain’t no King” and the pig farmer said, “I don’t know where to find the king.” When they found the king with a paper name tag pinned on his garb. Written on the paper was “King” but Muck and Mire didn’t recognize him. He waved his scepter and pointed to his crown and said, “See I am the king.” I know when I want things done my way I don’t recognize the King either; even though the signs are all there.

I did not receive an invitation to comedy hour today but I was still allowed a seat. It started during the AWANA book time. Although it was only JD laughing. He did manage to completed challenge 5:6 where JD learned because of Jesus, he is forgiven. He memorized three bible verses to back up that fact. What was stressed about this lesson was just because we’re “Christians” doesn’t mean we will never sin again. It means once we identify something is sinful we need to repent and ask for forgiveness.

During the math lesson JD was extremely unfocused. He was singing and beat boxing (making drum sounds with his mouth.) The lesson was about geometric definitions. We relearned: point, line, ray, line segment, and plane. The quiz was rather frustrating because they introduced new information that was not discussed in the lesson. I hate that when that happens. Luckily he and I worked together to score a 90% on the quiz.

Today I combined the science lesson with a language arts lesson. I got the idea from the book Hoot. I had JD research threatened and endangered animals that are in North Carolina. He decided on the Noonday Globe snail. (Just like my boy to think outside the shell.) JD and I researched the snail and I had JD type another personal letter. He addressed it to the threatened species Point of Contact (POC.) JD introduced himself by telling a little bit about himself. He also told the POC how he researched the snail and saw how it became threatened and also saw what he can do to protect this small snail. His last entry in the letter was thanking the POC for caring about the Noonday Globe snail from Western North Carolina.

It was kind of a tough afternoon because I had to clean my client’s house today. I brought JD with me to have him type the letter while I cleaned. I did not know public school was on a half day today. This made the lesson very difficult to complete. In part to JD’s friend talking to JD the whole time. I had to repeatedly say, “He’s busy right now but he’ll be able to play soon.” I know that put JD in a tough spot but he has to learn to tell his friend himself that he’s doing schoolwork.  He was interested in only typing what absolutely needed to be typed and nothing more.  I was also getting a headache from telling him everything to type. 

We did not do the social studies or reading lessons today.

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