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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A good day

Ouch! Turn out the lights and whisper please.
Last night's post ..."I have a server migrain.  Will caught up laeter."

LOL that's funny!  I would have preferred someone saw my head off last night.  It was a tough day because I had a raging migraine. We managed to get through all of our lessons and thankfully JD was focused.

The devotion today had a scenario: You ascend a big mountain in a vast desert. God meets you there and gives you the ten commandments, in which one of them says, “You shall not steal.” You figure that a) God needs a better speech writer, b) God’s making this stuff up off the top of his head, c) God values trustworthiness. Many people know God said, “Do not steal” but they don’t know why. It wasn’t because he needed a “filler” to make ten commandments instead of nine. God wants us to be trustworthy because he values trustworthiness. He wants us to reflect his nature and character.

Today in JD’s AWANA book he completed challenge 3:5 and learned that God wants him to honor his parents (yeah) and his neighbors. It focused on the Ten Commandments. Then, he completed challenge 3:6 where he learned God is merciful. He had to memorize three bible verses.

The math lesson today was about ratios and proportions. They were not the fun kind that JD likes but we got through the lesson pretty quickly. He’s so good at ratios and proportions. Here I am scrambling to write it down and figure it out and JD has the answer (most times.) We found out ratios can be written three ways: as a fraction (½ ), with a colon (1:2), or with the word to in in (1 to 2.) From there is was just figuring out if the ratio was to go up down according to the lesson. Easy stuff really. JD scored a solid 100% on the quiz.

JD used T4L for language arts today. He did one practice lesson on prefixes and then took two short quizzes. He scored a 100% on one quiz and a 90% on the other. He loves those T4L lessons. Humor really helps him learn.

Today in science we explored the world of magnetism. We re-learned that opposites attract and like poles repel. This is also know as the Law of Magnetism. We learned that some MagLev trains use magnetic repulsion to keep them running smoothly. One weird thing we learned is ducks use the magnetic poles to navigate with. (Did you know that?)

Science led us to look at Google Earth for social studies. We found the geographical north pole in the middle of the ocean and the real north pole in Canada. The we fly to Ireland and Scotland to look around. We had a lot of fun exploring a castle in Edinburgh.

JD read “Hoot” today for his thirty minute timeframe.

After that I tried to nap away my migraine with medication.  But it didn't work.  So after dinner Jeff and I stayed in our bedroom with the lights off watching TV.  That helped some.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  1. I really cracked up whenI saw the post yesterday, but I did not want to hurt your feelings by telling you I was laughing. Glad you are feeling better.