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Monday, January 31, 2011

A good productive day

The devotion was titled “1+1=1.” (I was wondering where they would go with that.) It talked about a boy being bored in science class until there was a planned explosion of two chemicals. He was expecting another explosion with sodium and chlorine but it only made ordinary table salt when combined. Combining those two chemicals makes each much more useful to our everyday life. God intended marriage to be like sodium and chlorine mixed together as one. He brought together two different entities and united them in a relationship that makes them more useful than each one would be individually. Then the devotion listed the commandment “Thou shall not commit adultery.” JD’s question was, “How can a kid my age commit adultery?” I explained that later in life (like 30 years old - smile) he’ll be married and that’s what God is talking about.

I combined the AWANA book with social studies today. One of JD’s Challenges in the AWANA book was to bring two friends to AWANAs. Once he brought two friends then the AWANA leader would sign him off for that challenge. So since the population of AWANA kids at our church dropped from around 30 kids to only 6 this past Sunday I realized something had to be done. The bus ministry was suspended this year because of lack of both drivers/riders as well as kids to pickup. So JD and I went out today and taped up 70 invitations on the doors at an apartment complex that we used to run the busses to. So many kids were out wondering where we had been. We talked with many kids and parents who said when the bus came this Sunday that they would be on it.

The math lesson today was about problem solving. It was the last lesson under measurements. So with all the tools we had in our measurement tool box we easily got through this lesson. We figured out seed growth in “x” number of weeks, the number of hand shakes in a group, and the prices for a family to go out to eat. JD scored a 100% on the quiz. I guess JD remembered the “Ants in the Pants Day” because today he asked if he was “focused.” I said, “Yes, you are and I appreciate that. It makes my day so much easier.”

JD went into T4L for language arts today. He did two short lesson and two short quizzes on the subject of Idioms. Those are phrases like: fly on the wall, cat got your tongue, and spit it out. He scored a 100% on each of the short quizzes.

We are starting a lesson series on magnets for science. Today we learned about the discovery of Magnetite (a.k.a. lodestone), where is was found (Greece), when it was found (and rediscovered), and things it “powers”. We pulled out some magnets and played with them for a while. JD took the end of Chapter quiz and scored an 80%.

The last task of the day was reading his book Hoot for thirty minutes.

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