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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A quiet productive day

Today JD woke up on his own and asked if that made me happy. I said, “Yes, since I was in such pain last night I was hoping for an easy day.” I took one Midrin in the morning and told JD that if he was the cause for my headache coming back today he would be writing a page out of the bible. That kept him calm, quiet, and obedient all day. Though he had a hard time staying focused.

The devotion today gave tabloid headlines like "Alien space ship found in New Mexico" (it was a four seat plane from Mexico) and "baby born with a treasure map on its back" (it was a birthmark.) The devotion went on to say people believe this stuff and the writers embellish these types of stories to get someone to buy the magazine. God doesn’t like stretching the truth, telling white lies, or lying at all. Lying can be destructive, separates us from God and can erode our character and destroy our reputation.

The AWANA book today had JD recite all 66 books of the bible for challenge 4:1. He learned them in book one, refreshed in book two, and now again in book three. He’s got such a good memory. Actually, we both did pretty good until we hit the minor prophets. Then we started challenge 4:2 where he’s learning God is faithful. He memorized 1 Corinthians 1:9.

The math lesson today was more on proportions except this time there was a missing value and we had to figure out how to find that missing value on the other side. They showed us two ways to get the answer. JD didn’t really need any other way except to figure out what they did to make 5 get to 15 and he did the same to either the top or the bottom. He scored a 100% on the quiz.

JD pushed out another lesson in Greek and Latin root words and did the corresponding quiz. He scored an 83%. Then, he tackled two quizzes on suffixes. He scored a 75% on one quiz and a 100% on the other.
In science today JD and I learned about electromagnetism. That’s a huge word and amazingly I spelled it correct the first time. We learned about magnetic fields, electric currents, electric charges, electrons, and many other glossary words. We also learned about Benjamin Franklin’s role, Hans Christian Oersted’s role, and Andre-Marie Ampere’s role in electromagnetism discoveries. The unit of electrical current, the amp, is named after Ampere.

Today for social studies we used T4L. We went into the tab called Rome since JD is always asking about Roman leaders and traditions. We stopped under Origins of Christianity. That was an extremely easy lesson for JD. It was all about Jesus and the 30 some odd years he lived. He scored a 100% on the quiz.

Today I only had JD read for 25 minutes because he listened the “first time.“ He’s still reading the book called Hoot today.

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