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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good day

Today was JD’s routine doctor’s appointment. I told his doctor that I cut the umbilical cord between JD and the Concerta. The doctor was impressed. I then told her I had JD on a multi-vitamin with iron and a 1000mg fish oil capsule. She thought that was a good idea. I asked her about the benefits of zinc, magnesium, and the B vitamins. She said to be careful to not overdose these. If given improperly it could be potentially toxic. I asked for a blood test to see if JD was vitamin deficient. She agreed t that request and added a liver panel, and I think she even added another thyroid test. JD had his blood drawn like a champion boxer. I have another appointment on 28 Feb to discuss the results of the blood work.

We left Pope AFB after we stopped by the bowling alley, only to find out it didn’t open until 11:00am. I thought a quick game of bowling would be a fun bonding time. But they were closed. (Sad face) When we got home I set the reading alarm on the stove. He’s still reading the book Hoot.

The devotion today was about precepts (instructions or commands.) They listed things like: don’t walk, merge right, refrigerate after opening, and tear here to open. These help us function more easily and comfortably. God has also precepts that we call commandments; 624 specific commands. These are not a bunch of do’s or don’ts; they show us God’s principles. God’s nature defines right and wrong. They help us live more easily and comfortably too.

Before we got started with math today I had to call Time4Learning to let them know about the problem we’ve experienced with the program. She appreciated my call, thought the developers fixed “that” problem, and promised to call the developers. Once we signed in we moved onto a lesson dealing with scale again. Today it focused more on distance on maps. JD was all over this lesson and scored a 100% on the lesson and a 90% on the quiz.

My friend emailed me a picture of a fictional character and asked for possible names. It was a simple character designed on the computer and it’s made of ovals, circles, and sticks. Once we emailed her back I thought, “I just got an idea. I should have JD design one and tell me about him for the language arts lesson.” So this is the character he He also typed 10 of the 14 sentences here.  
Oogy Aogy Eggy
Oogy is almost 2 years old. His build date was 26 Feb 2009. We share a birth date. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He was built by ARA, (Army Robotics Association). They were built to help American soldiers in war. He was also built for combat. He was designed to be a robotic soldier. His line of duty is an engineer. He is one of thousands of Operational On-line Geometric (OOGy) robots. He and his community of robots think they are human. Their human companions treat them like they are humans to. They play black jack with them. They also play paint ball with them.

Because of doctor's appointment we only had time for a half day.  We did not do science or social studies today.  With spring right around the corner I think it will be harder and harder to keep those full days. (smile) 
I forgot to tell you…yesterday I asked JD for an explanation of what he thought ADHD was or the characteristics of ADHD. Some of the answers are truly his responses. Some sound like things I’ve told him about. He explained ADHD as: hyperactive, more friendly, more caring, need more alone time, can’t get rid of it, controllable, a gift to some people, don’t want it, make good use of it, not too many friends, too young to control, and need an ADHD diet. The two things he didn’t say was lack of focus and impulsivity.

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