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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another good day

I know I keep recycling the words “A good day” but I’m happy that they are good days and not frustrating days. Today was another good day.

The devotion was about steps we take in life. When we first started learning to walk we stumbled, but before long we all learned to walk just fine. Making right choices is not much different. The first step is KNOWING what is right and wrong. The second step is DOING what what’s right. We know what’s right but doing it is a lot harder. Letting the Holy Spirit control our lives is the ONLY sure way to do the right thing. That means submitting to his control every day. It means committing ourselves to follow his lead and finally staying in touch with him through prayer and obedience all through the day.

Today in JD’s AWANA book he learned that God is his authority. He memorized two bible verses highlighting this fact. I asked him who has complete control over the decisions he makes. He answered, “God.” (Easier said than done.)

Math was our next topic. Today we learned more about percents, decimals, and fractions. It re-taught us how to convert from one to the other. I’m so jealous of JD’s mind. My hand gets cramped writing the steps out and he just does it all in his mind. I asked him a couple of times today, “How did you get that?” He was able to tell me and I even understood it.

The next thing we did was talk about personal letters. I wanted to get him to write a personal letter to an AWANA missionary way back on 3 Feb, but instead he chose to write “I don’t want to write this paper” 27 times. We research some North Carolina missionaries until we found the “right” couple. We finished the rough draft where he dictated the letter; I typed it, and printed it. The next step for JD while I cleaned today was to retype it. I sent the AWANA missionary (David) an email explaining who I was and why we were writing and attached JD’s letter to him. David responded within five minutes. He was excited we wrote to him and promised to write JD back. In JD’s letter he introduced himself and told David a little bit about himself. It turns out David is an AWANA Citation Award recipient. JD expressed his goal was to also obtain that same award. Part of what JD wrote was, “I have two questions for you. How fun was AWANA’s for you? I only like game time. Music is embarrassing to me. Book time is distracting. Council time is boring and not much fun. Can you offer any advice for having fun in AWANA’s.” This makes me feel “great” as the current AWANA commander. JD’s main problem is he’s not comfortable reciting verses in front of other kids.

For science today JD and I played with his magnetic kit. We made the kit compass and labeled some round magnets with the applicable north and south pole stickers. This was fun because the magnets were true to nature and repelled one another and all 14 magnets were sliding all over the table. Then we played the target game it came with.

We did not do a social studies lesson today.

While I cleaned JD read his book called Hoot.

JD is still only taking vitamins and fish oil and doing just fine. He is still active and impulsive though. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I think one of the side effects of ingesting 2,170+ Concerta pills, but JD’s teeth are getting whiter. Ever since he gained his adult teeth, they have come in yellowish. They got progressively worse over time. To the point that I had JD whiten his teeth with whitener. But over the last two weeks they appear to be whitening on their own. There are others out there questioning this same phenomenon.

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