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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A good full and focused day

JD is nothing short of hyper but he IS focused on the lessons. It's a little like trying to homeschool an octopus on speed.  Dispite the movement distractions (for me) we managed all of our subjects.

The devotion was about a small boy taking his first airplane flight with his uncle as the pilot. He was full of questions about this knob or that circle on the panel. One of his questions was how do you see when it’s foggy or cloudy. His uncle informed him about the control towers job of safely landing them. Sometimes in life we get confused and things get foggy. One person tells us one thing and another person says something different. When things get fuzzy we should make a call to our control tower. That is God. We need to rely on his Word and wisdom. He’ll always help us safely to our destination.

Today in JD’s AWANA book we completed challenge 4:4 by reading multiple chapters of the bible in order to answer multiple questions. They were all related to trusting God, results of not trusting in God, and having speech that is pleasing to God. We also read Psalm 23 to find out what benefits God provides us.

The T4L website is messing up when we complete quizzes or sections. We got through a lesson and quiz yesterday but it doesn't show the quiz as completed today. It makes it difficult for us to see what lesson is next. It’s a good thing I keep such extensive notes. I did yesterday’s quiz again today and it's still not closing. (Grr!) We did another lesson and quiz today but it's doing the same thing. The lesson today was all about scale sized drawings and measurements. For example if 1 inch equals 3 feet we should be able to find the equivalent measurements for the real object. JD was all over this lesson. And it showed on the quiz when he scored a solid 100%.

Today for language arts I had JD decipher a code in his AWANA book. If the number 1 is the letter Z then the number 26 is the letter A. There were four coded sentences related to God’s authority and His word. He decoded all four. They were 1.) Let your conversations be always full of grace, 2.) Do everything without complaining or arguing (**that would be nice for a change), 3.) You shall not steal, and 4.) Let us behave decently.
I called JD’s Dr. for a routine follow-up appointment. It is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:40am. I want to talk with her about JD’s Concerta (or lack of) and a couple of vitamin questions. Like I stated yesterday JD is no longer, nor will he ever, taking his Concerta. Instead he is taking a multi-vitamin with iron and a 1000mg of fish oil. So today for the science lesson we researched vitamin deficiencies in children misdiagnosed as ADHD. This has happened to many children because the symptoms are very similar. We looked at the multi-vitamin label and research what each vitamin or mineral does for the body and where it can be found in the foods that we eat. After hours of independent research it looks like the multi-vitamin with iron and fish oil takes care of the focus factor. However, JD may need zinc, more B's, and magnesium to help control his impulsivity and hyper active behaviors. All of this new found information will be discussed at the Dr. office tomorrow.

The social studies lesson today was all about Ireland by reviewing some fast facts. We learned about geography, nature, history, people and culture, and government and economy. Some strange facts we learned under the nature category is: there are no wild snakes in Ireland. The sea stopped many animals common in mainland Europe from reaching the island. Also, there are only two wild mouse species, one type of lizard, and just three amphibians.

The last thing I had JD do was read for thirty minutes. That timer works wonders. I can’t wait for him to finish reading that book so we can watch the movie. He told me yesterday that they cuss in this book. When he was a little guy “stupid” was a cuss word. But he gave me enough clues to figure out what words are being used. Now I’m going to have to read that book when he’s not reading it just to see for myself.

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