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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A good day until language arts

I’m happy to see there was another wandering home school mom who stumbled onto our blog. Yes Time4Learning is a wonderful site! It works well for those visual-spatial learners. It also greatly assists my son and others who were diagnosed ADD or ADHD. (Ok, now I sound like I'm doing a commercial for them.)

The devotion today was based on having a firm foundation like Psalm 111:10 says. It started out talking about the leaning Tower of Pisa. It took 199 years to build. By the time the first three (out of eight) stories were built it already started leaning. They unfortunately built it on unstable foundation. The same type of thing happens everyday all around the world. People go to school, devour books, pass exams, earn degrees, and graduate with honors. Yet in spite of all their learning and knowledge, they still do all kinds of stupid things. They make poor choices and mess up their lives BIG time. They have built their lives on faulty foundation too. Because “reverence for the lord is the foundation of true wisdom. The rewards of wisdom come to all who obey him.”

Today’s math lesson was something we only heard about this year and never used. It is called a Box and Whisker graph. The problem I have with these type of math lessons is what will JD or anyone for that matter use this for? It is similar to a line graph, but it’s divided into 4 equal parts of 25%’s. Once we learned this it asked us to find the median (middle number) the median of the lower set of numbers. And finally the median of the upper set of numbers. (Blah, blah, blah. Whatever!) JD scored a 100% on the quiz.

Today I did not have a twinge of a migraine so I braved the dreaded written/typed language arts lesson with JD. It was a struggle for both of us. I struggled with not yelling and typing it myself. JD struggled with finding the keyboard attached to the computer right in front of him. (Smile) I remembered about JD’s new colony map when I was reading Fox News this morning. A privately funded trip is expected to go to Mars in the next 20 years. Or so says a special edition of the Journal of Cosmology. It prompted 400 readers to volunteer as colonists. The catch is it’s a one way trip! (Um let me think about that for a minute, um NO WAY!) I read the two page article to JD and then showed him his map from 7 &8 December. I prompted him to type out a paragraph about the start of his colony. I asked questions like: name, how it started, how he selected people, qualifications, education level, age, number of males and females, would they be allowed to return home, and how they would be supplied. I asked for complete sentences and only got short answers. Therefore, the paragraph never cultivated. But the lesson made him reasonably think. After all if you have equal numbers of males and females the men will tire easily after all that building. And bringing too many kids won’t benefit anyone.

We continued yesterday’s lesson on Hebrew civilizations and the history of Judaism for social studies. It had a lot of information that we already knew about. It talked about the Mosaic Law being long and detailed. Then, it touched on the ten commandments and how they are used by monotheistic religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism as ethical and moral code of conduct for the western world. The lesson also told us of the major holidays for the Jewish people. We did learn the terms monotheistic (believe in one God) and polytheistic (believe in more than one God, or many Gods.) There was a chapter quiz at the end of the lesson and my little theologian scored a solid 100%.

We only touched on seeds for science today. We used Time4Learning on this too. Trees, flowers, vegetables, and grasses are all seed plants. They all produce seeds of some form or another. They also have some shared characteristics. They have the presence of a vascular system, true leaves, stems, and roots, produce seeds, and are complex sporophyte; dependant. We learned about bryophytes and the fern group. We will continue this lesson tomorrow since it was a complex lesson and requires more time to digest.

JD’s last task of the day was to read for 30 minutes. He read his book called Hoot.

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