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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A fun school day

We had an enjoyable morning and it was a shortened school day.

The devotion talked about Shannon Miller (the Olympic athlete) and her metals. She won a silver metal in 1992, but not a gold. She was highly disappointed. But in 1996 she captured TWO gold metals. She was asked a few days after winning the gold, “How hard it was to keep practicing and working in the years between the two Olympics?” Her response was, “She loved her sport, and didn’t kind the toil of training.” Obeying God’s command’s is quite similar. Those people who don’t have a “relationship” with God look at his commands and a list of “Thou shall not’s.” I personally try to obey God’s commands because of my love for Him. God’s commands are not burdensome for me. The devotion says we should rely on the Holy Spirit’s power, by trusting God moment by moment.

JD and I started working on this third AWANA book.  I forgot to tell you on Monday that Jonathan completed his second AWANA book. We have been AWANA teachers since 2002.  And I can only count a handful of children that have moved onto the third (green) book like Jonathan did Sunday. That qualifies him for the AWANA Excellence award (a trophy.) This award is given to those who have completed two handbooks or studies between third and 12th grades. (Jonathan cut that time in half!) The amount of work for the Excellence involves memorizing 132 verses and includes all associated activities. The recipient must have completed fourth grade or higher.  The next hurdle will be the Timothy Award - This award is presented to those students who have completed any four of the third- through 12th-grade handbooks or studies, which involves memorizing 286 Bible verses and includes all associated activities. The recipient must have completed the sixth grade or higher.  Did you know AWANA has college scholarships?  JD pushed through four pages of reading, completing Challenges 1:1 (a book one review), 1:2 (a short memorization of 2 Timothy 2:15 - the verse where the acronym AWANA comes from), and 1:3 (answering the question, "How do we know the Bible is true?"  Then, we figured out a secret code at the top of 149 pages.  It revealed this, "Did you know AWANA's started in 1950? In Chicago, by Lance Latham and Art Rorheim.  AWANA's started in one church and is and is now in 10,000 churches."  That took us a lot longer to decipher than I would have wanted, but once we cracked the code we just had to know what the ENTIRE message said.  I counted this AWANA book time as both reading and language arts time.     

Lyndell, I did find the movie called Hoot in JD's room and asked if he’d watched it yet. His response was, “No, not yet.” I currently have the movie in my possession until he finishes the book. (smile)

We spent so much "fun" time doing the AWANA book, lunch time crept up on us faster than I expected.  For social studies I let JD watch a programs on the History Channel that was talking about Nostradamus. He lived from 1503 to 1566. He was among many other things a: prophet, a doctor, a pharmacist, a poet, and a chef for cosmetics, perfumes, and fruit preservatives. I remember a first hearing about him in the ’80 when a show about him appeared. For months after that I surely thought the world would end.

We did not do math or science today because JD and I had to go to Wal-Greens to have our passport pictures taken in the afternoon. My picture added 10 years to my face. (Ugh…is there a make-this-look-as-bad-as-possible-and-aged button on passport, driver’s licenses, and identification cameras?) Oh well that task is taken care of. JD’s picture looks really good.

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