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Monday, January 10, 2011

A snowy school day

We received snow all day, but only an inch or so stuck around. It was a Faith Christian Academy school day though. This will catch us back up from the snow days we had in Tennessee. (Don’t worry, I let JD play outside today, and the school day was fairly easy and short.)

Today’s devotion was written like a game show. There were two teenagers who were allowed to open one door. The red door had two free tickets to a concert but they wouldn’t have enough money to bring their friends. Behind the blue door was a night with mom and dad watching a rerun of Matlock. Of course they both chose the red door to the concert. They later found out that in order to pick the red door they had to agree to “borrow” money from mom’s purse. The devotion never said which door the kids chose then. But it did say Moses was faced with a similar situation. He could turn his back on God and stay in the lap of luxury or he hang out with a bunch of complainers in the desert. Moses of course chose the longer lasting rewards of obeying God instead of the immediate gratification of sin.

The first thing I did for math was go back through Friday’s lesson because the internet went down just as we finished the lesson. So rather than have JD go all the way back through it with me I completed it and brought us to the quiz. Then, JD took the quiz from Friday and scored an 80%. The math lesson today was all about stem and leaf plots. It reviewed for JD how one is designed and the proper labels for the graph. Then, it walked him through finding the mode, mean, median, and range. It was an easy lesson and he scored a 100% on the quiz.

The language arts lesson taught JD all about figures of speech. He learned about: similes, metaphors, analogies, idioms, and hyperboles. Until today I had heard of all of them except hyperboles. Who makes that stuff up? When you say I died laughing, that’s a hyperbole. Or if you say you’re hopping mad; you’ve just used another hyperbole. (Are you guys learning new things each day, like I am?)

JD read Hoot for thirty minutes today. It has 292 pages and JD is on page 74.

We went a little out of order today and did social studies last. We did Time4Learning today. I was surprised it had religious references. I don’t know why I was surprised though, after all we were studying early Hebrew civilizations and the history of Judaism. It taught us about the Torah (the first five books of the bible.) I love that JD is a child brought up in a Christian home. He was able to completely understand as it told us how God made a covenant with Abraham and about Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery. We will continue that lesson tomorrow.

My housecleaning client called me today saying she didn't need me today.  Ft Bragg closed because of the snow and she felt compelled to clean herself.  So I with all that stored up and unused energy I baked cookies after dinner.

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  1. Another T4L'er! We LOVE Time4Learning and have been using it for almost four years now. My sons each love doing school work on the computer...it just fits their learning styles. Glad your son is enjoying it too!