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Friday, January 7, 2011

A frustrating internet day

The devotion was about two knights. One was dressed as a knight should be. The only metal the other knight wore was the metal braces on his teeth. He also had a backwards ball and sunglasses to protect his head and eyes from the sun. He also wore a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes to complete his attire. The devotion then asked which knight would you rather be…the one that’s in restrictive clothing and armor or the one that’s free. God’s commands work like a suit of armor. They are designed to protect us from the “fiery arrows aimed by Satan” (Ephesians 6:16.) God’s commands are not designed to “cramp” our style or spoil our fun; they’re intended-like a suit of armor-to protect us from the strategies and tricks of Satan. (Eph 6:11) 

For math today we learned about how to conduct a survey. JD now knows a good sample should include 10 percent of the people he has. He also learned that there are biased questions and unbiased questions to ask. Honestly I had to write biased is “bad” and unbiased is “good” because I kept getting confused. We got ALL the way through the lesson and the computer (in the words of Suri…got S.T.U.C.K!) Then, the internet and cable went down for the count. So we were unable to do the lesson quiz.

That pretty much confirmed my thoughts of making it a short school day. Lately JD and I have been using Time4Learning for language arts so that crashed the language arts lesson for today.

JD begged to watch the DVD: America the Story of Us so we did. We learned facts about the Civil War. We also learned about the “Minnie ball” bullet and the carnage it produced. The DVD also told us about Robert E. Lee’s and Abraham Lincoln’s positions in the war efforts. We learned that the North lost the battle of Manassas in Virginia. It also talked about the North’s two secret weapons of the rail road and the telegraph. We learned about the battle of Antietam and Clara Barton. JD perked up when her name was mention because of a Tree House book we read about her. The last thing we learned about was about Gen. William Sherman and his March to the Sea. (We love this DVD set.) JD of course watches it while I dictate notes for later review.

It was a tiring and frustrating short day because of the computer so once JD read his book called Hoot for thirty minutes I called it a day.

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