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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A better day today

It was a much better day today than yesterday. (Whew!)

The devotion had a boy crab talking to his dad about wanting free of his shell. It was based off of John 8:32 which says, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The father told the son, “Every crab has felt that at one time or another. Soon you will shed your shell and when that happens you will be more vulnerable than at any other time in your life. Until your new shell hardens you’ll have to be much more careful and watchful than usual. You’ll be less free without this shell, not more free.” At the bottom of the devotion it likened John 8:31-32 to a math problem. Obeying Jesus’ teaching + knowing the truth = FREEDOM

The math lesson went further into detail about the terms mean, mode, and median. Then, it called the lesson measures of central tendency. We have to figure out if by adding a number to our string of numbers if the mean, mode, or median number would increase or decrease. The lesson was as easy as yesterday’s lesson. (Thank goodness.)

Today in language arts we learned ten words and their Latin origins. We learned about: omni (all), annus (annual), vita (life), dict (to say, speak, or declare), and magnus (large). JD says he wants to learn Latin since it’s a “dead” language and that’s what the Roman’s used. (My little historian - smile.)

I intended to sit with JD and watch and take notes on the DVD America: The Story of Us but I ran out of time before my part time cleaning job. Not only that our break became extended when JD found a wooden squirrel feeder in our garage that required some assembly. JD built the feeder and hung it outside. I took that opportunity to clean the backyard for the dogs. So we did not do a social studies or science lesson.

JD read his book called Hoot while I cleaned my client’s house.

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