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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An unfocused day

I can’t even keep up with the number of times I tried to refocus JD today. It started out with JD getting mad at one of the grandbabies. And it never fizzled out. From that point on it was finding everything else to concern himself with, other than the lessons at hand.

The devotion was called Recipe for Right. It was about a boy that wanted to make his mom a cake. The cake called for a cup of water. The little sister wanted to use her doll cup to measure that water. The boy tried to explain that they needed to use the standard cup to measure the water into, but the girl insisted on using her doll cup. A lot of people try to measure whether its right or wrong by how they feel or what others might say. The truth is the only standard of measurement for right and wrong is God. Deuteronomy says, “He is a faithful God who does no wrong.” So whatever is not like God is wrong and whatever is like God is right.

Before we started the math lesson I had to have JD take an attitude change break. He came back better but no completely changed. The lesson reviewed the terms and definitions of the following words: range, mean, mode, and median. Then we had to display the use of this information in order to provide the answers. It was an easy lesson that was over almost as soon as it started.

We did Time4Learning again today in language arts. Today JD learned about acronyms. He learned they are different from abbreviations in that they do not have periods. There were some words I didn’t know were acronyms, and they are: sonar, radar, scuba, and laser. Sonar (Sound Navigation Ranging), radar (Radio detecting and Ranging), scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatuses), and laser (Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.) This lesson taught JD that acronyms are so commonly used in English today that just like me we think words like those above are words and not acronyms.

JD noticed I didn‘t stick to the “schedule” by listing what we had already accomplished. He apparently came to the conclusion that we must be doing a half day. He even asked, “Is today a half day?” I said, “No” I just went out of order.

For science today we did a worksheet from the science workbook where we had to match the “glacier word“ with the definition. The words were: cirque, drumlin, end moraine, esker, arêtes, flord, kettle, plucking, rock flour, tarn, and till. Then, we went to BrainPop and watched three videos. They were about: glaciers, the north pole, and the south pole.

JD continued reading his book called Hoot. I set the removable tab on the clock and laid down so my migraine would diminish. Therefore we did not a social studies lesson during the daytime. Instead, I had JD watch CSPAN with Jeff and me. They had full coverage of the 112th congress. Claiming power beneath the Capitol dome, Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in November. We watched as nearly all of the 435 representatives called out their nominations for the new House Speaker. Of course Republican John Boehner of Ohio won, replacing Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Then, we listened to Boehner’s speech.

Once Jeff’s replacement cell phone arrived I ran it down to Verizon to have them transfer the “contacts” information.

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