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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A productive day

Today was a very productive day (and a good one too.) The devotion today was about Sherlock Holmes and his mysteries. It transitioned into the “great mystery of our faith.” People wonder how Jesus could be fully God and fully human. This mystery is unsolvable because God is way beyond our ability to think and figure out. Some people think that because they can’t see God, and certainly can’t understand everything about him, they find it difficult to believe in him at all. (The way I see it, like Jeff, if I could understand our God then he’s not much of a God.) The mystery to me is Jesus lived a sinless life on Earth, died on the cross for me, rose again three days later, and now lives in Heaven and in us through the Holy Spirit. Thank God for this “great mystery of faith.” All I can say is BELIEVE!

As promised yesterday we did not do a math lesson today. I think Lyndell typed the comment “Maybe construction will be complete soon” because of that stupid math wall we hit. JD didn’t exactly jump for joy over the lack of math but he didn’t cry either. (Anyway, it was a nice break for me.)

Today in science we learned mostly about the earth and it’s four layers. We learned the crust its on 5-20 miles thick. (I really would have thought it would have been deeper. Our question after this study was how does anyone know how thick the other layers are and how do they know how hot each levels. There are no drills that would go 4, 020 miles down to the very center. Then we learned about igneous rocks and its two subcategories of intrusive and extrusive.

In social studies we looked through the travel brochures and cut out anything related to Argentina. We found an excellent map in one of them and used that as a reference when scouring every page. We became intimately familiar with other “must see” travels destinations that were not in Argentina and began to memorize what other country it was in. We had a lot of fun doing this task and we had a bonding moment. (I was scared those moments would be few and far between.)

For language arts today I had JD do two worksheets on language usage. One worksheet was on comparing adjectives like: great, greater, greatest and important, more important, and most important. He had to write the correct usage. The second worksheet was using the words: good, better, best and bad worse, and worst.

JD read Iwo Jima for thirty minutes today. Maybe because I don’t care about history, but how can THAT book interest him?

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