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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A "bonding" day

It was a bonding day. (I love those kind of days.)

The devotion today was about Napoleon. He of course was a short man that was a ruthless dictator. Short men these days who are overly aggressive are said to have a Napoleon complex. The bible tells us about a man that probably had that complex. His name was Zacchaeus. In his job as tax collector he was mean and dishonest. That was until he met Jesus. He became an honest man and humbly submitted to the Lord. So if you have a “Napoleon complex” change it to a Zacchaeus complex. Come down from your tree and meet the Savior who will accept you as you are and change you from the inside out.

Today was more of that “when will I ever use this kind of math day.“ It was about absolute values; that is the distance the number is from zero on the number line. It will always be a positive number and equal to itself and has an opposite number. (What?) It was an easy lesson and a short lesson so we didn’t argue much.

For science today we started out trying to identify JD’s rock collection. (A boy’s childhood cannot be counted complete without a rock collection.) He got most of them from “Science Days” at public school. As a matter of fact those were the only days he didn’t get a note home saying he made bad choices. (Tee/hee) I realized it was EXTREMELY difficult to label each rock with it’s name because so many of them looked alike enough yet different enough to be another type. Just a refresher, there are three type of rocks: metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous. While it was fun to try this task with JD I halted the “name game” after trying to identify only three rocks. We then learned how metamorphic and sedimentary rocks are formed. After that we looked at the five different types of mountains. (Yep, there are five.) Let’s see are they the Rockies, the Appalachians…big, little? No they are classified on how they were formed; whether they were formed from magma below the surface, cooled lava above the surface, from plate tectonics, or caused by faults or erosion. (I know you can’t sleep without all this information. You’re welcome)

We also had fun during the social studies lesson. We started neatly cutting and pasting the pictures we pulled out of the magazines yesterday. We completed the cover, the contents page, and started the “recommended places to visit” page. We talked the whole time about going here or going there. It was a bonding time.

I was in a rush to get out of the house to clean my client’s house and we forgot a book to read and a language arts lesson. So I pulled the Diary of a Wimpy Kid from the backseat of my car and had him read that for thirty minutes.

Even when we skip lesson while I clean I guess I don’t get too frustrated with myself because he plays with my client’s 12 year old son. They get along so well. I call that a “socialization lesson.”

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