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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A good short day

These short days are really starting to add up. I took another “sleep recovery nap” again today. I was up late last night with Suri so Daniel and Sarah would be somewhat rested for their short visit to Tennessee.  Suri does a real good impression of a possum.  Just when you think she's asleep and attempt to get up and walk away, she'll get up and follow you saying, "Hey."

The devotion today was about the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Some people are obsessed about getting all the toys in a collection and will go to multiple restaurants to finish a collection. Some people think that collecting toys will bring them happiness. For others its clothes or a fun afternoon with friends. Whatever it might be, we need to remember that true happiness comes from only one source. That’s a rock steady relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s this type of joy that helps us through the tough times when friends aren’t there, clothes wear out, and toys break down.

I counted JD's AWANA book time both as language arts and reading time.  He had to memorize a total of eight bible verses to complete discovery 8:7.  It was a general review of the whole book.  I wished my memory worked as well as JD's does. 
The math lesson today expanded on yesterdays lesson on integers. Today we had to compare decimals, fractions, positive numbers, and negative numbers on a number line to see which one was greater. It got a bit tougher for us today. For example is : - 2/3 (neg) or 1.2 greater? That’s my whole argument about math. When will we ever use some of this stuff?

I think tomorrow I'll just skip math and concentrate on social studies and science since we didn‘t do either today. Seems we've been overlooking those two subjects more and more.

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