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Monday, November 22, 2010

A great day except for MATH!

It was tough to get started with school today but we got though all 6 scheduled lessons. Math proved to be a HUGE thorn in our sides. I may lose sleep over it tonight if Jeff or Daniel can’t help us learn multiplying fractions with a variable. (Ok, maybe not, because as far as I know I’ve never needed to know that for shopping or baking.)

The devotion today told us about the Morse code distress signal “SOS” that was adopted in 1906. The three dots, three dashes, three dots either stood for Save Our Ship or Save Our Souls in hopes that someone somewhere would respond and come to a ship's rescue. Thankfully, we don’t need any special code to send out a distress signal to Jesus. He is however, in the business of Saving Our Souls. And he does so when anyone is ready to call on his name and seek him. All it takes is prayer that can be said at anytime, and Jesus will respond.

Reading time today was dedicated to helping JD complete his AWANA book. The teacher thought he completed the book yesterday, but after flipping through the pages she noticed he memorized all the verses he could, but still had other activities to complete. JD will soon be moving onto a third AWANA book. Not many children do that. (I'm smiling wide.) So today we completed seven discoveries. They were things like: deciphering secret codes, reading verses and answering questions, reading pages, and unscrambling words.

Today in math I wanted to rip my hair out. We learned about adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions with variables (missing numbers.) JD and I both completely understood and were able to correctly answer everything except multiplying fractions with variables. We even went through the lesson twice to try to understand it, but to no avail. Jeff has promised to help us try to understand the “process” when he gets home and settles down for the night.

We did a review of sorts for science.  We did page 273 (Changes in the states of matter. Like boiling, evaporation, liquefaction, and vaporization etc.), page 274 (physical and chemical changes. We got 20 out of 23 correct.)and page 275 (a crossword puzzle of physical properties of matter like: boiling point, crystals, gas, and condensation etc.) in his science workbook. 

We started our rough draft of the South America brochure. We wrote down all 12 countries on pieces of paper and scrambled them on the floor. JD closed his eyes and picked Argentina. So we looked at the various folds of the brochures we had and decided what format to use. Then, we opened two of them to see how they had them formatted as far as information went. We have the following information marked for our brochure: recommended places to visit, facts, a map, transportation and trade, annual events, natural resources, agriculture, animals, vegetation, culture, history, cultural highlights, and lots of room for pictures.

I had JD complete an AWANA teacher appreciation card for language arts so he could get that page signed off in his AWANA book.  He did it like a scroll.  I may just have to hang it up in the Sunday school hallway.  He's so creative.   

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