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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A good half day

Today was more like a half day. It started with the devotion. From there JD asked if he could read his book for thirty minutes. I agreed because I had to shower in order to get ready to pick up Lyndell. She will be with us for almost a week and a half. Once JD finished reading for thirty minutes I had him move onto an online lesson. It was teaching him an acronym about solving math word problems. **Side note - During JD’s Dr’s appointment yesterday the Dr asked him if he had any questions. JD asked her, “Why do we need to know when train “A” and train “B” will meet?” Not anything medical related, just an off the wall question. How ironic that he would have a math lesson ALL about math word problem solving. It taught him “what info he really need to solve the problem, how to organize the information, how to reach for the right strategy, and how to check to see if he answered the question.” We then left the house for our drive to Greensboro.

On the way I had JD read two pages more out of his literature book. Then he had five worksheets to do. They reinforce writing “complete” sentences, building sentences, vocabulary, using verbs, past/present tense, and adverbs and adjectives.

After we met up with Lyndell and Jim the school day was complete. I couldn’t possibly imagine trying to get him to concentrate on anything else after seeing his Grammy!

So while there wasn’t much to blog, we went from picking up Grammy to football practice and I was wiped out at the end of the night.

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