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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A better math day

Today was definitely a better day but we still did not get much accomplished. We had our usual devotion time and I had JD read for 30 minutes. He actually only read for 25 minutes because he whizzed through another book. I took the remaining 5 minutes of his reading time and dictated a verbal book report.

Then, we moved onto the dreaded math lesson. We picked up right where we left off yesterday. I reminded him to write the math string out and rewrite each line after you figure out the portion of the problem you need to. I wrote the numbers for him and asked him what are we doing first and what do I write. He started daydreaming again, UNTIL I ripped the calculator out of his hands and pounded it on the table. I was really talking more out loud or to myself but I stated, “I really don’t have time for this. We have a Dr appointment to go to and a quiz to finish.” He apologized and was fine from that point on. We crippled our way through the first problem and I showed him how easy it is to make a mistake. I had transcribed the problem incorrectly. Then I also stumbled on the second and third problem too. But we managed to finally get through all 10 problems and go off to JD’s Dr appointment.

JD went to the Womack Army Dr today to have them check his thyroid. After a very long wait we finally got in to see the Dr. She was very nice and inquisitive. She did a mini physical and found nothing wrong with his thyroid. Even though something on the 31 Aug blood work report alerted our Dr at Pope AFB. All I know is something is causing him to gain weight. He has gained 37.7 pounds in the last year, but he’s also grown 1 ½ inches too. The Dr suggested healthy eating habits and more exercise. She did also mention JD is right around the corner of “Puberty.” Oh joy! I absolutely dread if his puberty and my menopause (no not yet) meet in the classroom. I really don’t know who would win. (smile) The Dr asked him things like what do you want to be when you grow up, and what are your goals. He said, “I want to be an army officer. My goal is to be a 4-star general.” (That got eyebrow raises from both her and the army captain in the room.) Then he asked her, “Did you know Patton died in a car accident?” She admitted she did not know about Patton. But she promised to study up on him.

We left there and went to eat lunch. When we finally got home at 2pm I was exhausted but tried to start a social studies lesson. I was unsuccessful and called it a day. I got a “Thank you mommy.”

We had about an hour to clean the house before we had to leave for football practice. So it’s been a busy day for us. Tomorrow we pick up our foreign exchange student (Lyndell) for her stay here. She's coming to see JD's first football game on Saturday, and staying to see JD in action at school. She’s a bit intimidated by having to learn or relearn some of the stuff JD learns daily. (I’ll keep you posted if I have to put her in the corner for talking too much. I understand that was her biggest problem in school.) I’m here to tell you I run a tight ship at Faith Christian Academy.

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