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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teacher work day

We did not have school today. It's best summed up to say it was a "teacher work day." First, we had a Dr appointment for JD at 08:20 am for his school/sports physical. The Dr checked off a bunch of things she didn’t even really check. That’s our military medical care for ya. The only thing I noticed was his left eye was not as strong as his right. He’s reading at about 20/40 in his left eye.

We got home at about 9:30 am and this is where the teacher work day came into play. I knew I still had to mow my neighbors lawn. I do that for him every two weeks. He’s currently deployed and he and I agreed that I could cut his lawn for him since he knew I was a stay at home mom. So I cut his lawn and edged it for him.

The next task was to head over to the house cleaning job I picked up. I left here at 2:00 pm and returned at 5:00 pm. I got JD changed for football practice.

We watched JD practice for two hours and came home. So here I sit catching up on the blog at 10:00 pm. I usually don’t cancel school days for my “extra” jobs, but when you add on a Dr’s appointment the day was pretty much shot.

Classes will resume Fridaty. I told Lyundell to get ready to catch the bus by 07:55 am near the bathroom.

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