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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I like good days

Our devotion was about “Undeserved favors.” Bruce Springsteen gave a lady $100,000 once as a gift for her to ease her financial burden. God gave us a gift too. Eternal life if we accept his son as our Lord and Savior. I praise God always for his gift and couldn’t imagine my life without Jesus. I’m certainly not where I want to be (spiritually) but I’m also glad I’m not where I was before I accepted Jesus.

After our devotion JD read the rest of his Star Wars book that he started ealier this summer.  I did not do a verbal book report on this book because he stretched the book over a couple of months.  The details would be fuzzy. 

Math was all about the theory of multiplication. We relearned those oh so difficult terms like: identity, commutative property, associative property, distributive property, and finally inverse. It’s all very confusing but we’ve figured out how to keep all those dumb terms straight. It’s all memorizing the terms enough to pas the tests. I’m still wondering WHO uses this mess?

In our social studies lesson today we learned about the different water resources in South America. We started in on the climates too. There are fifteen major rivers in South America. We looked up six of the major lakes there too. They were difficult to find on the internet. I wonder exactly what information is needed for this South America study. Seems like we’re never going to get done with it.

When given the option of which body system to study next JD selected  "Excretory system."  I guess he though that sounded educated or something.  Turned out we studied about our PEE!  Because the other day wasn't weird enough with poop right?  We learned about the urea, kidneys, and bladder.  I guess the most interesting part for us was the function of the kidney and it's filter process.  What a busy body we have.  (God is good!)

For language arts today I tried to help JD map or web his story call Three Bullets to Live. He started this story a couple of days ago and all on his own. Of course it’s war story. He’s even got military time in it. Here’s what he’s got so far. (And he even typed in in old typewriter font. Mind you he started this without any of my assistance or as an assignment. Who knew he wanted to be a story teller?)

Three bullets to live. june/6/1944
2400hrs. We were on are drop ship 10 seconds to land, we’re on the coast of Germany. Bullets were flying past are heads, bombs were hitting the water shaking the boat. Then the unexpected, Boom. The boat blows up………

So when I webbed with him I tried my best to understand from who’s point of view is this story being told. JD said, “Me.” I said you are the author, but someone said, “We were on OUR drop ship…” (This took ten minutes for him to give in and name his character Private Andrew Jenkins.) I then asked what’s the plot? He went into GREAT detail about his story. (I listen for a few minutes, but after five minutes the character was just making land fall….) It’s very difficult to teach webbing or outline form to JD. He would rather just type the story than to do a “rough draft“ (whine). I guess to him that’s double the work.

In the mean time does anyone know where the Ark waiting line is? It's been raining here for two days...and we're expecting some more tomorrow. Apparently, the passenger side window of my truck down ALL DAY! (Squish)

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