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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy day

Today was not a short day but we had easy lessons.  This made for a good day.  Our devotion today was about "A Good Teacher named Confucius."  He taught through stories and questions. Those that followed him imitated his words and deeds. Jesus was also a teacher who taught using stories and questions.  Accepting Jesus’ teachings leads to eternal life. So imitate Jesus.

After the devotion he asked if he could read next.  I said, "Yes."  He said he finshed the book High Flyer with a Flat Tire so we did a verbal book report on it.  This still needs more work because he's missing major details from the books he reads. I read this short book before lunch and asked him more questions to beef up his book report.  I hope this helps him realize cause and effect.  He started a new book today.  He loves Star Wars books.  
Next we did math. I told Jeff yesterday after math I wanted to put a noose around my neck. Today was much easier for JD and I. The lesson had all kinds of problems for us to solve, but today they gave us the value for all the variables. (It as easy to figure out the answer as it is taking candy from a baby. (I’ve never tried to actually take candy from a baby, but the lesson when really fast today.)

The social studies lesson was on the DVD America: The Story of Us. Today we learned about the events that led up to the Boston Massacre as well as the details of the Massacre. We learned about John Hancock and Paul Revere. I took one full page (front/back) of notes on: the Boston Tea Party, the proclamation line, and the 1st Continental Congress. This congress included people like: John Adams, Patrick Henry, and George Washington. We also learned all about the date of 19 April, 1775, and it’s major events between the British and the Rebel Malitia in Lexington, Concord, and Boston. We learned this is where Paul Revere said, “The British are coming!” No one knows who shot the first shot, but we do know it was the shot heard around the world.

Our science lesson today was all about the digestive system. It all starts with the mouth with the saliva starting the breakdown. It goes through the esophagus and drops into the stomach. The acid in there breaks the food down further. (Are you listening? There will be a test later.) After the food leaves the stomach it goes into the small intestines. We learned that the small intestines absorb the nutrients and act as the gate keeper letting small amounts of food into the body through the walls. After the small intestines finishes the food goes through the large intestines. The large intestines steal the water from the food and then…you guessed it…makes feces. (This is about the time JD looked at me and said, “Don’t they know this lesson is for kids?”) I explained it’s all natural. Then when I told him it has to leave the body where does it go? He knew anus from a prior lesson, but I introduces rectum too. This gained giggles and major blushing. I may have to wait until he's in the tenth grade to teach him the productive system.  Oh course it might still be funny then too.

The last lesson of the day was language arts.  I had him read the third part of the story called "Wolf" and answer the questions.  He's getting a lot better with his complete sentences, but still tries to take short cuts.  He'll ask,  "Can I write they instead of Maggie and John?"  (I guess you can guess my answer.) 

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  1. yeah. I am finally caught up. Enjoyed my visit in N.C. so much I did not keep up with the blog.
    Math, not so much. I am so proud of you Cheryl.