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Monday, September 27, 2010

Another good one

Today we did our devotion on World Tourism Day. This is multiple times recently we have been reminded not to get too attached to living on earth; after all it‘s just temporary. The next lesson was math. Specifically “Algebraic Expression.” We did just fine when they told us the variable and value. It was when they told us a word problem and asked us to write an expression we did not do well. We learned that there is no equal sign in an expression. We also learned that the term product means multiply and quotient means divide.

Is this guy for real? Yup!
The science lesson was on the muscular system. I never found that stink’n website I used last week. Today I sited all the sites I hit. We learned there are over 600 muscles in the human body. We also learned there are three types of muscles. Here’s some facts for you. Did you know 40% of your body weight is muscles? (That explains my weigh…now I know my bones are growing as well as my muscles…yeah right.) We have 30 facial muscles. The eye muscles are the busiest in the body; blinking 100,000 a day. Really? The largest muscle is the gludious maximus while the strongest is the tongue. When I was doing a review today while driving I asked JD which muscle was the strongest and he stuck his tongue and flipped it back and forth while making a loud sound. That made me laugh out loud, since every other response was verbal.

JD and I had a few errands to run today. First, we went to the post office to mail out Jeff’s bible to be rebound. Then, we went to Auto Zone for new wiper blades. (It’s been raining all day and I desperately needed new blades.) Our last stop was the bank to deposits checks, coins, and cash into our “European Fund.” I also went to my part-time cleaning job.

I had JD do his literature workbook. He’s still reading the Wolf story. I had him do a few workbook pages before playing with his new 12 year old friend who lives there.  He did not do a social studies lesson today. After dinner I had him read for thirty minutes.

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