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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Productive day

Have I mentioned I like the positive comments? They keep us going here at Faith Christian Academy. So if you’re feeling frogy, post a comment. (Some of you still need to sign up as “followers.” I’m not naming names or anything…Meme.)

JD had a small temperature last night and a slight temperature this morning so we still did all of our lessons just shortened version of them. We read through our devotion about the man made fabric of rayon. It’s used all over today, but the sturdiest fabrics are God made like cotton and wool.

After math JD read for thirty minutes. The one phrase I NEVER thought I would hear from JD is "I have nothing to read." He’s breezed through so many books that now I have to make another trip to our local library. I gave him a small book that I think we read last year. It’s a cute book called Little Rascal. It’s about a pet racoon and ALL the mischief he gets into with his boy.

The math lesson was a repeat vocabulary word from yesterday. It was distributive property and we fully understood it yesterday, but apparently there are others out there that need more practice. Not my JD! He breezed through the lesson and we tag teamed the quiz. He scored a 100%. Woo Hoo!)

In science today we learned a bit about our five senses. We only really got to two of them. They were sight and taste. We learned all the technical terms for the parts in our eyes and the reason why we will never swallow our tongues (even if we wanted to.) Then we went into the kitchen to taste sugar, salt, and lemon juice of the tip, center, and sides of our tongues to see which one responded to what taste. The experiment was inconclusive. The web site we we’re on also said, “Try eating an apple while sniffing a fresh cut onion.” We’re not sure what was suppose to happen because when we did it the apple tasted like apple and the onion smelled like onion. (Home school rocks because we can actually take the time out to do stuff like this.)

For social studies today we watched the America: The Story of Us DVD. I did not take notes today. It was a lot better because then JD and I could chit chat about the happenings. Today we relearned about the California Gold Rush, the steam boat, and the opening of the Erie Canal. I just get madder and madder when people price gouge. The people already at Gold Rush were jacking up the price of goods and meals there because they knew the prospectors would pay for it. (I would not make a good business woman. I’ll just stick to teaching.)

We did all of that before I had to rush off to my cleaning job. I had JD do his language arts workbook. He did the forth part of the story called Wolf. He did not require any assistance from me today to form those “difficult” complete sentences. I’m so proud that we’re finally moving ahead with this task.

As I type this blog there is an endless rush of Lego’s being push this way and that. (It’s been going on for over an hour. I love that sound. That means he’s being creative and will soon produce a one of a kind specimen. One day maybe he’ll bin the Lego’s by color. (LOL - yeah right!)

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