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Friday, October 1, 2010

When is winter break?

Today was the kind of day that I didn’t want to be at school, but we rustled up our courage and pressed on. We did the devotion called “This is Your Life.” If God were to surprise you with “This is your life” what important events would be highlighted? (Scary right?)

JD was in a weird mood today. He chose to read under the coffee table. He’s still reading the book called Rascal. The glasses happened to be right there too.  Sorry about the blurry picture.  I just wanted to share it with you. 
Harry Potter reading a book under our coffee table.
The math lesson was so frustrating today. If we didn’t NEED the computer I would have thrown it out the window. JD and I were tracking up until the presentation of new information without a full explanation. So much precious time was spent trying to decipher how to write the answer in algebraic form. The lesson was about patterns and trying to figure out what “rule” they used to get to the next number. Here’s an example: 0, 3, 8, 15, 24. Ok easy enough…JD and I said, “You take 3x3-1=8, then 8x2-1=15...you get the point right? Their answer was n to the second power-1. That one wasn’t too difficult but you get the point. (Ugh!)

What a beautiful child

We are still doing the science block on the body. Today we only studied the ear. Just to think of all those tiny pieces working together to enable us to hear. And some people think we evolved…. (I think some of us are missing a few pieces, but I won’t mention any names…JD.) JD had to label and memorize the shape of each of the 12 parts from the outer, middle, and inner ear. Then we worked on a crossword puzzle with those terms for both the ears and the eyes.

The social studies lesson was about the animals of South America. We don’t EVER want to meet an Amazonian anaconda or a piranha, but we do want to see a Capuchin monkey and a Chinchilla. We spent a lot of time copying and pasting. We also research facts about each one and the regions that they lived in.

Since I didn’t feel like being at school today I offered JD to pick what class he wanted to drop today. He picked language arts. But while we were doing our science lesson he said, “I should have dropped science today because of ALL of this writing.” (Aw…) 

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  1. love the picture under the table.
    What math? I just breeze right over the topic of math in the blog!!!!!!!!!!