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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard to concentrate

Today we were very slow on starting our ½ day. We were pretty lazy until the afternoon. I had a haircut appointment at lunch and then we got started. (I had my hairdresser cut a pixie cut. It’s cute, but all my hair on the sides and back are pretty nonexistent.)
The first thing we did today was our devotion. Then we did a lengthy Science review. It had lots of words and few pictures so it was very easy for JD to get distracted. He’s been talkative all week. I have to stop my review and wait for him to recognize he’s talking out of turn or talking excessively. He finally “gets it” and we press on. One of our class pets (Tater) participates in the disruption many times. I may have to put her outside some more. The last thing he did was read for thirty minutes. He went long again today (on his own.)
Football practice went well from what I can see. I look at all the boys (and one girl) and think “Oh my goodness JD is the second smallest child on the field. I sure hope the older and bigger ones take care of him.” The comradery on that team is great. They help each other up when they get knocked down, and I even see the bigger guys telling JD how good he did. This football thing is really a blessing.
We did lose one boy tonight. I thought that child might get snapped in half like a twig when he got hit. Well I guess he got hit too hard tonight so he called it quits. JD also got a slobber knocker tonight. I tried not to say too much. Luckily, more boys were getting hurt and hanging off to the side so it wouldn’t look like I was just talking to JD. I said, “Ya’ll are going to get hit. That’s football. Shake it off and get back in the game. That shows leadership and initiative.” JD got back in the game. (Yeah)


  1. Hey . . . you know football would make a great children's sermon about life knocking us around and how in Christ we have to get up and keep going . . .but then you probably have already done that...lol!