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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lazy school days

It's tough to go from summer to school again. I loved those lasy summer days.

It's been a slow week, but its also been an easy and fun week thus far. Today we did our normal devotion and then slowly transitioned into a short Social Studies review. We have a lot of ground to cover in Social Studies this year. I know I stated earlier this week that I would not introduce new information this week, but we started working on a globe of sorts. We tried to start a globe on a balloon but switched to a ball I purchased years ago for the 40 Days of Purpose Driven Life study at our church. I had painted this huge blue ball to look like Earth. It worked perfect for us today. Today we transformed it into a globe with four different colors of yarn glued to it. They represented the equator, the prime meridian, longitude lines, latitude lines, and the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. To reinforce this longitude/latitude lesson we played a version of a game called “Battleship” using two world atlas’ with longitude and latitude lines on them. This represented our “grid.” We called out like this, “Approximately 41*N longitude and approximately 38*E latitude.” He was the first to attack my army. The last task of the day was to read for 30 minutes.

I have been busy planning our 3-day “Ocean enrichment field trip.” Okay, the truth is it’s a much needed and desired beach vacation. But I will still count Friday as a day of school. I have typed up and copied and pasted information and questions for the ride to the beach. (Hey! I take my job very seriously.) It’s not like I’m going to ask him for a 5 page essay on his trip to the beach.

When Jeff saw me typing up the field trip questions and information he said, “I thought this was a vacation.” I told him it was and this would fill the drive time to the beach. Then I said, “Don’t worry I’ll be the primary teacher on Friday. But you’ll have to be the substitute teacher on Saturday, because I have an appointment on the sand shores with the sun.”

I have math (area and perimeter), science (ecosystems, climate, tides, and breezes), social studies (regions of NC, continents and oceans review, depth of oceans), and History (Fort Fisher battle field and pirate history) covered.

I was looking at the website for the aquarium and they said, “Registered NC home schools are offered free general admission for a self-guided tour ONCE A YEAR. This includes children in a home school family and two adults only.” (Cool!)

So you won’t see blog for Friday’s school day until at least Monday….’cuz we’ll be on vacation!

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  1. thinking as I read this...I might have like school better if my teachers were like you!
    He doesn't yet know how lucky he is.
    Have a great vacation.