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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day two of 6th grade

We had another easy review day. We’re just trying to ease back into the school mode. The first thing JD learned about today was an “alarm clock.” He learned it will keep BLARING until he shuts it off. I’ve always been there to wake him up to get ready for school or church. We’ll I love my husband and plan to remain living with him while JD goes off to college. I won’t be there while JDS is at college so I’m trying to school him in self accountability. So when that alarm clock is across the room he has to get UP to shut it off I have been successful. The second thing he learned about was his “tasks” chart. Unlike a chore chart where he would earn an allowance, he now knows he’s has to be a productive self sufficient member of our home. AND it’s a lot less time for me reminding him of morning tasks, school tasks, dinner tasks, and finally bedtime tasks. He knows he is to do nothing like play or TV until those tasks are completed and checked off by me. The key to this chart is Colossians 3:23-24. “as if working for the Lord.” I’m striving for a polite response and a positive attitude. Today was a big success in this lesson.

I love football coach terms. When the coach says “On the hop” that means “hustle up” and I have become accustomed to using it freely. “Up/downs” is a cruel exercise where they drop flat to the ground like a push up and they get back up again only to repeat it again and again. That’s all I have to do now is threaten JD with up/downs and amazingly things get done and the icing on the cake is it gets done “on the hop” and with a positive attitude! (Smile)

We did the morning devotion and asked God into our day. Then I had him read for 30 minutes. He read for over an hour! Apparently “Robin Hood” is an interesting book.

The last thing we did was review Language Arts. I explained what we would be learning this year. Since he’s good with “comprehension” I will focus most of our lessons on writing. I was able to incorporate the necessity of this skill when I told him “Officers in the Army write all the time.” I went on to explain the different types of writings like: disciplinary (Ex: Why were you late?) or mission related papers that say, “First we’ll do this and then we’ll do that.” JD’s brain started churning and I think he started rethinking this whole being an officer in the Army dream and then asked, “If I was a Private in the army would I have to do paperwork?” I said, “The only paperwork you’ll do as a Private is writing you very long explanation of why you were late that morning.” (Smile)

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share...I look forward to this every day.