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Monday, August 23, 2010

I have a "Middle Schooler" now!

Faith Christian Academy is back in session. This week we will only be reviewing what we learned from the last academic year. I will not introduce any new information or have him do any sort of “work.”

Today we reviewed math only. It was approximately 2 ½ hours of review broken down into three sections. (There’s a lot of information that I have forgotten how to do or explain.) I looked at both the North Carolina Education webpage and Time4Learning.com and they both say we will be doing most of the same math lessons again this year. Every year it’s about the same the curriculum just expands on the lessons and add new terms. (Like I need to memorize any more terms.)

JD did really well during the review time and even corrected me on some things. He was ever so polite by asking, “Did you mean…?” He was extremely talkative during the review but most importantly he remembered many pictures, phrases, acronyms, or hand gestures for formulas, shortcuts, or memory aides. (Yeah)

We also did our daily devotion and I had him read for 30 minutes. Overall I think the first day of school went well and he enjoyed it.

JD is signed up for contact football this year. This is his first year EVER playing football, but after watching him during the practices I have no doubt in my mind he will do well if he sticks with it. The first game for the Spring Lake Tar Heels is 18 Sept. His position is a right guard linebacker. He is a completely different child on the football field. He's focused, patient, kind, and shows good sportsmanship. He's even making friends. I praise him constantly about all of his newly formed character traits and tell him we may have found his nitch in life. (I may be talking too soon. I'll wait to see how he reacts to his first slobber-knocker! His sport of choice might quickly change to boxing!)


  1. Thank you Cheryl for sending the blog address out again! I love keeping up with what is going on in the Hyder homeschool world! You are an awesome woman! Love you both and look forward to reading about your adventures in education together!