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Friday, August 27, 2010

Our beach vacation

We got to a somewhat cloudy Ft Fisher at around 11 am on Friday. It was too early to check in so we headed for the beach. We let JD swim and play in the Atlantic Ocean for about two hours while Jeff and I teeter tottered with the waves and picked up sharks teeth. Then, we decided it was time for lunch. We ate lunch in a cozy family restaurant that was close to the peer. After lunch we took a walk on the peer. JD was a bit afraid that the boards would give way or something. We had fun watching the pelicans and jellyfish. After our walk we checked into our dorm room. Yep, back to the dorms. Nine years of my life were spent living in the dorms. It wasn’t until I married Jeff and transferred to Oklahoma that I finally broke free of my dormitory cell. (Thanks babe!) After we dropped off our suit cases and changed JD we all headed to the historic Fort Fisher site. There they fought a portion of the civil war. It was HOT out there with no sea breeze. We left there and all changed into our swim suits. We all went back to the beach. There I faced my fears and went body surfing with Jeff. For anyone that knows me, they know I don’t swim in water I can’t see my feet in. I guess I don’t trust the fact that sharks will attack someone else. (Too many JAWS movies when I was a child.) The waves were vicious. They tossed us this way and that way, flipped us over, and turned us backwards. It was so much fun and JD loved surfing the smaller beach waves. (We all have road rash to prove it.) There were hardly any good shells on the shore. (Bummer.) Since we had a late lunch we also ate a late dinner. We showered and headed out for dinner at a nearby beach. After we ate our Italian food we walked around the soft and silky Carolina beach. Since we didn’t swim we then went window shopping. We walked into lots of different stores. I wanted coffee, Jeff wanted candy, and JD wanted toys. After that we headed back toward our room. I wanted to walk the beach at night so JD came with me. It was way too dark to see anything so we walked back to our dorm.

I woke up at 0700 Saturday morning in the hopes I would get out of my room early enough for shell hunting. We all ate our cereal, drank our coffee, and headed out to face the bright sun at about 0800. The waves we still pretty big and they just toyed with us. I got back out and body surfed. I did a lot of yelling at the sea weed that kept touching my legs. One wave literally picked me up and slammed me down on the water and forcefully swept me onto the beach. (Good thing I’m a strong and confident swimmer.) Jonathan built a beautiful “Utopia” sand castle (pictured above.) It was beautiful. We ate lunch back at the family restaurant by the peer. We left there and went to the Aquarium. It’s not real big but it was jammed full of every kind of Atlantic animal. We watched the scuba diver “play” with the sharks. (Um, not me thanks.) Then, we left there and played some more at the beach. We showered and headed out for a somewhat light dinner at Chic Fillet. We wanted to save room for ice cream and funnel cake. Then, we walked on the fine sand of the Carolina beach. It was getting kind of dark so we strolled through an amusement park area. There JD and I paid $5.00 each to be put in a huge clear plastic ball that floated in a pool. The object for the next 15 minutes was to try to walk or run inside of the ball. We looked like human hamsters. I was able to travel pretty good and I learned to fall very well, but it started to get really hot inside and I felt like I was getting claustrophobic. I asked the guy to leave JD in and take me out first. UI learned later that JD was feeling the same as me. It was nice to breath fresh air, but it was fun! We called it a night and headed back to the dorms.

It had been a tough two days thus far so Sunday I woke up at 0730. We all ate cereal and headed back out to the beach. We played until around 1030 because check out was 11am. After we showered we ate at a Hamburger Shack. We left there and drove to a nearby petting zoo. There was 10 acres of cramped living for many animals. JD and I had fun feeding certain animals their peanuts and corn. After sometime in the gift store we left to come home again. That’s when I taught JD the lessons I made for the trip.

All in all…it was blast and we hated to leave. Jeff enjoyed the beach too even though he’s not a beach guy. He even mentioned taking me there in the winter. (Get ready for JD Grammy.)

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  1. Grammy is always ready! sounds like a great time
    had by all, so glad. Thanks for sharing, I love
    watching it take place with my minds eye.