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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take it easy kind of day

Today’s devotion was about Florence Nightingale. She felt early on that her calling was to serve others. So she became a nurse. Each night she would walk the halls of the wounded soldiers with a lamp. She became known as “the lady with a lamp.” That’s exactly what Jesus wants us to do. She devoted her entire life serving and helping others. We are called to help each other and share each other’s problems. So what can you do? Listen and offer encouragement…and we will shine Jesus’ light and love with all we meet.

We did the AWANA book today too. JD passed two more discoveries. The first one focused on encouraging others. Wow! The same as the devotion. The next lesson was about doing good to those people around us. He memorized three bible verses. All dealing with “Doing unto others as the you would want them to do for you.”

We got back into the math review. Today we did Goal 2 which is measurements. He only had 8 questions, and unfortunately he missed 3 of them. I can’t say I would have done any better. The questions that stumped him were metric to customary measurements. Things like: liters to quarts, centimeters to inches, and meters to feet. But we reviewed before and after the quiz so hopefully it will stick now.

The only word in the word bank lesson was “Limerick.” (Today is also Limerick Day!) We had house cleaning to do today for a dinner visit/rapture bible lesson from one of our church families. So we learned what a limerick was and wrote three of them.

We wrote them during our journal time. They are somewhat hard to write with the syllables and rhythm, but JD really got creative. Here are two of my favorites.

There once was a small man named Bob
Who’d soon lose his bug killing job
To kill he would not
He wanted them caught
People quickly turned into a mob

There once was a boy in a zoo
Who always said, “Boo!” to Sue
A penguin was she
Who didn’t like he
So hit him she did, with a shoe

There was no formal music lesson today. JD just practiced songs he already knew. I asked him if he came up with anything new. No. I didn’t press it. He went on-line to look up new songs and got stuck on the song track to Brave Heart.

The history lesson today was not strict either. JD asked if he could watch the history channel while he found the floor to the room he calls “His room.” I’m not sure what he learned because I was knee deep in laundry, carpet cleaning, and dusting.

So today was a take it easy day kind of day. And the best part is I will have nothing to clean tomorrow. Our dinner and bible lesson was great. We don’t entertain often but when we do it’s nice.


  1. Love these creative things. Remembering my study of the lady with the lamp in Nursing school. Sounds like a good day. Hope this will post today.