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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Movie day

The devotion was about Winston Churchill waging a war with Germany. Churchill said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He also promised nothing less than “to wage war, by sea, by land, and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalog of human crime.” While we don’t use the same weapons or methods to fight Satan we certainly need to have the same attitude.

We did three more discoveries in JD’s AWANA book today. When JD saw the book he was upset. He wanted to read the bible only. I said, “Well we read the bible in order to get some of the answers.” But he really wanted only the bible. I think because it does not require him to think of an answer to my questions. The discoveries focused on how we should treat one another, reaching out to the community, and being a missionary to people around us. He memorized four new verses. When I say memorize it was enough to repeat it. Not engraved on his heart. But one day maybe he’ll remember them and say to some one the bible says…

We did not do a math review per say. We went straight to goal 4 which was “data.” There were only 7 questions with various types of graphs. They forced JD to find one or more of the following in order to obtain the answer: range, mode, median, and sum. He did well and understood the quiz but I think he went to quickly without looking at all the information and looking twice at what the question was asking. He missed two of the seven questions. I got upset toward the end of the quiz review on the missed questions. I had asked him numerous times to sit up and focus. When I asked him if he understood why he missed the question and I got a head nod. I gave him a second chance to “use his words” but to no avail. Again, I got a head nod. I assured him I was not an 11 year old classmate (Though I feel like one sometimes.) He owed me the respect of a verbal answer. So I was not real happy at the end of math and neither was he.

We crammed two civics lessons into one again. One more set of civics lessons and we’ll be done. Today JD learned the term “entrepreneurship.” He learned what an entrepreneur was and the risks he/she takes starting and running a business. He also learned these vocabulary words: human resources, innovator, and capital. We took the chapter quiz and scored a 100%.

For lunch today we watched one of my favorite movies call “Drop Dead Fred.” (We needed it after my blow up during math.) JD was looking for the movie Brave Heart but stumbled on my movie and asked about it. I said, "Oh let's watch that one. You'll love it." I had forgotten there was mild language and a few adult themes in the movie but he LOVED it too. We watched it during our lunch break and into some school time so I turned it into a lesson. I dictated an movie review for the Email/snail mail and language arts time period. I had him hand write part of the review. I went out to mow 2/3rds of the lawn in the heat of the day while JD was writing his movie review. What I think is cute is at the end I asked him on a scale of 1-10 what rating would you give this movie? He said, “An 11 for being so hilarious!” (I love our together time.)

After he finished writing the movie review JD came outside and tried his best (bless his heart) to get me side tracked on the upcoming science lesson. I mentioned that we had one more lesson for the day and school would be done. This excited him and he said while sitting on his trampoline, “Observing nature is science.” Um no…We did the last of two lessons on “Timelines.” It gave us examples of a first civilizations, world event, a major scientific advancement timelines. These helped us to see the relationship between events to see the correlation.

After we finished school I went back outside (in the heat of the day…when will I get off the face of the sun?) to finish cultivating the dirt that goes under the pool. It’s one of those pools from Wal-Mart. The kind with a blow up side. Well the year before last I did not do a good job (at all) of leveling the dirt so our pool slanted a whole bunch. This year instead of calling in a concrete company to take care of this dilemma, I decide to do it myself. Level the dirt…not pour concrete. So I’ve been working on this for a couple of days now. I finally got all the debris and rocks out and the dirt is level. Oh yes, I had a leveling tool on a 2x4 just to make sure. So tomorrow, I will drag the folded up pool from behind the house and fill it with water. **Pray I spray enough spider killer to get all the “riders” off. ** I’ve seen black widows in our yard and we have many brown recluse here too. Not to mention all the spider webs (tunnels) I have seen around our yard this year. It’s amazing what you see when you’re home all day. I might just be able to get my entomologist (the study of insects) degree right here at my house. (smile)

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  1. I agree with JD observing nature is a science.
    Sorry you both got upset in Math, but all in all
    sounds like a good day....except for spiders.