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Friday, May 14, 2010

HOT and fun day

Today is Astronomy Day! Throughout the centuries humankind has been fascinated by the stars and the planets. We should remember when we gaze into the sky that the one who named and placed each star is there. Psalm 8:3-4 says, “ When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” How true…I’m speechless about his. I’ve never been a “star gazer.” When we look up into the night we see stars…but how many of us think about God? I don’t, but I will from now on. I guess Cheryl’s mind has always thought “because it’s dark when I see the stars, God must be asleep.” (Ok this is coming from the same woman that thought turtles could be moved out of their shells without harming them.

Today was the last day to do anything in JD’s AWANA book until September when AWANAs starts again. Today JD learned three bible verses to remind him to pray for others. The AWANA book wanted us to find a missionary and perform some research about the country he works in, the capital, and any important businesses, and five sentences about what our missionary does. We did our research on Cuba. Our family supports two missionaries so we selected the one from Cuba. The last lesson was reviewing what was already learned early on in the book. So it took some thinking to answer. JD had to tell me four answers about 1. What God says about my home and family 2. Why he should go to church 3. And how to help others. Then he had to give me two verses for each answer. Did you know there are college scholarships for passing off the AWANA books? Yep. So this will benefit JD in the long run and give him options.

We did not do math today. Instead we started an English workbook that one of my friends gave me. We started in unit one with the “study of sentences.” Today JD learned what a sentence fragment is. He quickly picked out complete sentences verses fragments. Then, he learned the four kinds of sentences. They are: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. Again, JD quickly identified each type and put correct punctuation on each sentence. The last thing we studied was complete subjects and complete predicates. This one was a little bit tougher but JD did well with it as well. We will continue to do this workbook through the summer.

Today in keyboarding JD did level four, stage ten. He learned the keys “X” and “Z.” I asked him to give me a percentage of time he spent looking at the keys and he said, “Not that much.” (Um, OK.) The lesson messed up on him when he only had three more screens to type so I allowed him to call it quits for today.

We did not do edit/rewrite today. There was much more important stuff going on. I mean after all putting up the pool outranks English lessons. (Smile) There were minimal spiders, no snakes, and tons of centipedes. It’s been five hours of running the hose and the pool might b halfway full. But JD has been having fun playing in it while it fills up.

I called JD in to finish our school day. And he jokingly said, “If it takes me out of this pool, I don’t want to.“ My response was to verbally test him on his spelling words. He missed two out of ten words. So I called him in the house to do it on the computer. He scored a 100%.

Since the health lessons are over and today is National Astronomy Day I decided to start a study on the planets. We researched and learned about: the sun, Mercury, Venus, and finally Earth. Back in December or January I bought Styrofoam balls for such a craft as this. I broke out the balls and cut them in half. I had JD poke a toothpick through the half ball and paint it accordingly. He had a great time doing this. And they look great! We’ll finish this lesson next week and we’ll glue them to a black piece of construction paper and label them accordingly.

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