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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Errands day

We had two main errands to run today so school lessons were short or dropped. I had a routine doctor’s appointment for a migraine medicine refill and I had to take Jeff’s truck to get a North Carolina inspection in preparation for the North Carolina vehicle tags renewal. I was so tired of waiting today I just needed to relax a bit after school was over.

We did do the devotion today. It was about the “gift of song.” I showed JD that there are more people in the world that play instruments by ear. One of those people was Irving Berlin. He was most famous for the songs: White Christmas, Puttin’ on the Ritz, God Bless America, and There’s No Business Like Show Business. He never learned to read music and when he wrote more than 1,500 songs he used a musical secretary to transcribe the songs he wrote. (Sounds like me and JD.) God delights in the use of our gifts, talents, and abilities. I can only hope JD figures out his gifts soon to keep bringing pleasure to God and us when he uses them.

We worked in JD’s AWANA book again today. He passed off three more discovery checks. The theme in this discovery series is serving one another. We read three different bible passages about serving one another. JD also learned to encourage other people and memorized three new bible verses. Then, he learned to be patient with others by learning two other bible verses.

We did the social studies lesson next. It was about the Northeastern rivers. Even today we use them as highways for carrying goods to markets around the country and world. The lesson hit on three main rivers and they are: The St Lawrence, the Hudson, and the James rivers. He also received three new states to gather facts on. They are: Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts. He did this while we were in the doctor's office. I wanted to do more with the river lesson like an outline map or the chapter quiz but I was trying to get ready to leave the house for our errands.

During our lunch break JD asked about relaxing on the math review and quizzes. I had been thinking about that anyway so I made it look like he had a great idea and agreed to scrap the math review for today.

We killed two birds with one stone today. I had JD write a “Five Senses” poem during the email/snail mail and language arts time periods. I guess I initially thought JD would not like writing poems but he’s pretty good at it. Today he wrote about the color green. Green is a happy color. Green tastes like cold apple juice. Green sounds like trees waving in the wind. Green smells like fresh cut grass. Green looks like flower leaves. Green makes me neither sad or happy, just normal. After I dictated it I offered the choice to write it or type it. He chose to type it. It was done in no time at all. (Yes!)

We also did not do science today.

After school was done I relaxed a bit. Then after dinner I went out and worked on leveling out a spot in the yard for a pool. I had it up two years ago and didn’t put it up last year. But since I’ll be at home all summer long I thought putting it up this year would be a good idea. Though it is al lot of work to keep it clean. Our summer plans are still being formulated but it looks like a summer long pool pass and a summer long bowling pass on base.

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