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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another good day

I notice sometimes when I look at the blog a day later that I have errors in it. Sorry about that. I type it, spell check it, copy, and paste. I sometimes forget to check it for accuracy. That and I type it at night when I'm tired.

I loved the devotion today. It’s called “National Clean up Your Room Day!” (When I mentioned this during dinner the two male specimens in this house out voted me.) God also likes order in the world. Look around at everything he created. Paul, from the bible, spoke about worship and God’s desire that in be done a certain orderly way in 1 Corinthians 14:33. Where there is order there is God’s peace. But when there is disorder and chaos, God cannot work.

We did some more work in JD’s AWANA book today. We got through another 3 discoveries. Last week it gave reasons why people need to go to church. Today and for the next couple of days it will explore the ways we can help other people. So today we learned we can love others as God does us and we can put others needs before ours.

Today we reviewed everything we knew about Geometry. It wasn’t all that long ago that we did those lessons but the whiteboard in my head was nearly wiped clean. The questions that gave JD the most difficulty were the shapes names. But our of 13 questions he only got two wrong. That’s an 86%. And I didn’t even assist him. Looking good for the assessment. Two more goals to review and then I’ll give him that practice EOG again to see if he can improve that 70%.

We combined keyboarding with journal again today. We went to Wacky Web Stories and created another funny story about a pet show. In the story JD had a pet mouse named John who balanced an apple on his nose. JD asked if I was going to make him write it in cursive. I said, “No, today you can retype it. It didn’t take nearly as long to retype as it did to print it or write it in cursive. It was ten sentences long. He typed most of it and asked for a break. When it was time for lunch he begged me to wait for him to finish typing it. (What? Those aliens sneak in and out so quickly.)

The online art lesson kept messing up today so he got about ¾ of the way through “learning to draw” before it quit. So I told him art was over.

JD has 10 new compound words to study for the week. Who am I kidding? I type them up and ask him to hang it in the bathroom to be looked at, at least twice a day when he brushes his teeth. But he does most of his studying is on Friday right before the test. I counted the words given to him since January and he’s up to 189 words learned thus far.

I’m up pretty late typing this but tonight I found my childhood friends on Facebook. Actually I found their mom’s Facebook page and looked at her friends to find them. I chatted with one of my friends for almost one hour. It was nice to play catch up but it makes me miss her so much. The three of us girls were like sisters when we were growing up. When one of our families moved to a different state so did the other.

Lyndell has loaned me a Christian book series that I am simply addicted to. In the series the grandmother always talks about her life long friends. I don’t have that luxury. In the Air Force we moved around so much that making best friends was hard to do. But connecting with my two life long childhood friends brought a smile to my face.

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  1. Funny Cheryl, my whiteboard is clean.
    Impressive 189 words.
    How nice to connect after so many years. Close friends to move together. Surely you have some interesting stories.