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Friday, May 7, 2010

A good short day

The devotion today was called “National Teacher’s Day!” (Oh how nice of society for making a day for educators.) We all know as former students or as parents of children who are in schools that there may have been one teacher who “got it” and may have “gotten a hold of you.” My teacher’s name was Mrs. Silverman. I loved her and she definitely made a difference in my writing life. The devotion said, “What is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher? One word: love. I love my home school educator’s career, not job. Jesus was a GREAT teacher. Jesus once said, “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” Knowing Jesus and learning from him can make all the difference in your life.

We did not start reading the book of Exodus today. Instead, we did some of JD’s AWANA book. We do AWANA’s on Sunday nights. I brought his book home two weeks ago to try to get him caught up for the year. Ever since we started this home school thing JD doesn’t want to hang out with his peer group. (Sometimes I don’t want him with them, but nonetheless he needs his peers.) JD usually hangs out with me during AWANA book time and we work on in it the AWANA office. Last week was the final book time week. But I at least want him caught up to where he should be, this far into the year. So today in the book we did Discovery 4:4 - read three bible passages and answer some questions, Discovery 4:5 - memorize two bible verse and read some, Discovery 4:6 - memorize two bible verse and read some, Discovery 4:7 - list 8 reasons “Why he should go to church.” Then, find the corresponding bible verses to go with the reasons. (They are things he’s already read.) He makes memorizing God’s word look at easy as jumping on a trampoline.

We did not do math today. I decided to give him a math break today. After all he has worked so hard and appears to be slightly burned out.

He did however, do the keyboarding lesson. I take this time to catch up on house work even though I know he’ll be looking at the keyboard. I think this one of those times in ac child’s life where he thinks his parents had eyes in the back of his head. (Am I the only one that was told that as a child?) Anyway, I called him out for looking at the keyboard again. He doesn’t know how I know when I’m out of the room. (*Shh, come her and I’ll tell you the secret…the keys call out when his misses a key. They become silent when I am out of sight, but they call out when I’m near. Hummm…)

We probably did the most fun language arts lesson thus far. Today for the edit/rewrite lesson time we wrote a "Wacky Web Tale" about spring cleaning. Then, I had him underline these parts of speech: articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. Then, we sang the rule that went with them. (The below text reads like a poem.)
Three little words you often see // are articles: a, an, and the
Conjunctions join the words together // As: men and women, wind or weather
Preposition stands before // a noun as: in or through a door.
A half hour later he was still singing those verses while digging in his toy pile for who knows what. (smile)

Health has been completed for the semester so we dropped this time slot for today too. We will use that time next week for language arts.

JD took his spelling test today and got 12 out of 15 correct. And since I know how to Google, I figured out how to get the percentage all by myself, even though Jeff has taught me this at least ten times. Anyway, JD scored an 80%.

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