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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tough talkative day

It was a cool and sunless day here today. I find it hard to get going on “blah” days like today. It must have affected JD as well. He was very talkative and distracted today.

Today in the devotion book it said, “Today is International Moment of Laughter Day.” It said, “Laughing, being happy, and having fun can be great. But joy is even better. Proverbs 14:13 reminds us, “Laughter can conceal a heavy heart; when the laughter ends, the grief remains.” Laughter only lasts minutes but joy can last a lifetime. Joy like that comes from knowing God loves us and that our future is secure in him.

We read from Genesis again today. We read Genesis 10 (Noah’s three boy’s descendants’), Chapter 11 (The Tower of Babel and Shem’s son Arphaxad’s family tree. That specifically tells of Abram’s family line), and Chapter 12 (The call of Abram and Abram and Sarai in Egypt.) Boy the names in those chapters are HARD to pronounce. Jonathan laughed at me. Well it is Laughter Day. Most of you know I had the distinct privilege of going to Abram’s childhood home twice while in Iraq. It was very moving each time to walk where Abram would have walked as a child. It was a very big house for that time. There is a clear spiritual marker in my life. It was the day I was obedient to God when he told me to get up an leave my country, my relatives, and my family. It was the call we all dreaded. I was suppose to have a replacement fill my position in the dessert when I got word that Jeff had his heart attacks. But when my superiors found out Jeff’s prognosis was “good” I then had to go back to Iraq as my own replacement. I could have fought and kicked but one I was mentally taxed and I had a peace about their decision. I hated leaving but I did what I thought God wanted me to do, just like Abraham.

Math today continued with probability. This time it asked if we rolled a dice what are the chances we would roll a five. Well, there is only one way to roll a dice so the top number is one. And there are six possible numbers we would roll so six is the bottom number. So the chances of rolling a five is 1/6th. It was basically the same for the spinner question. It was a 5 piece multi-colored spinner with three blue pieces. The question was, “What are the chances you will spin a blue?” Answer: 3/5th. There are three blue pieces of the spinner with five total pieces. The lesson wasn’t terribly difficult but JD was. It started by him opening the web based site and NOT opening the “fun” style. I was so angry at one point I wanted to scream but I suppressed it. The question started out with, “Sam loaded SEVERAL CD’s in a carrier. He loaded 4 country, 6 pop, and 10 classical CD. What are the chances he will pull out a pop CD if he’s not looking?” The answer is in case you are wondering is 6/20th or reduced is 3/10th, but that’s not important. JD was stuck on saying, “This question makes no sense. Several means more than two, but not 20.” When I finally got him over the “error” in the question and figuring out the answer I was burdened with “What exactly is several?” I looked it up in the dictionary and JD was exactly right. More than two, but not by many. (Smarty pants!) We struggled through the lesson and quiz. He scored a 92% on the lesson and a 100% on the quiz.

The word bank words were: glib, heady, and kaput. I get all of these word bank words from a list of adjectives. The sentences are getting a lot shorter in this lesson. I see a lot more writing in his future. I planned to keep up a small school schedule in the summer just to keep him up on school work.

Tuesday I accidentally taught history instead of social studies so I corrected that today. Today we learned about the 12 Midwestern states which surround the great lakes area and the Great Plains region which stretches from Mexico to Canada. We learned about crops, weather, and the animals of these two regions.

We did not do journal or music today because I just wasn’t feeling a full day and besides we spend a considerable amount of time near lunch trying our best to learn basic German phrases and words. That's the great thing about home school we can detour anytime we want. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Happy Birthday to my brother Gene! (For those of you who don't know Gene and I stay the same age for approximately one month. Yep, he's only 11 months older than me. My mom had her hands full for a while. Love ya Gene!

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