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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great and fun day

It was another beautiful day here. And a great and fun school day as well. All the weeding I have done in the past few weeks have paid off. My flower garden is coming into full bloom. Its nice to see that spring has awaken the flowers of all colors and scents. (Those pesky weeds were stealing all the water.)

Our devotion today was kind of unusual. It started out talking about blind men walking with an elephant. One guy had the tail and so he thought an elephant was like a rope. Another guy had a leg so he thought an elephant was like a tree trunk. Because the men were blind they couldn’t see the animal and were only limited to the part they encountered. That’s all too often like people and their encounter with Jesus. If they only see one part of Jesus they might form only one opinion of Jesus. Even today there are conflicting reports as to who or what Jesus was. They might say Jesus was a teacher, a prophet, a good man. This made me think when they asked the question “How would I answer to someone who Jesus was.” Well, I know he’s my savor and that he desires to be the Lord of my life, but unfortunately that’s all I’ve encountered. Sad right? It’s up to me to let go of the tail if you will, and encounter another aspect of Jesus. Because there’s so much more to Him. (I’m working on that trust me.)

How can I effectively witness to someone if I don’t know what the evidence of the bible says? Well, I can’t. So I have started ONCE again to read the Bible from Genesis to maps. Today JD and I read Genesis 5-9. It covered the descendants of Adam through the accounts of Noah. So many questions cropped up. I hit Jeff up with them when he came home. When I read the bible I start asking, “What? Why?” (And so on.) Today it was why did Enoch disappear? According to www.JEFF.com it is a symbolism of the rapture. Then the BIG question. Why did God destroy the entire earth and start over again if he knew we would just mess it up again? Noah was thought of by God to be righteous while the rest of the world was corrupt. So Noah’s bloodline was spared because it was not corrupt yet. And it was the only human strain left from which the Redeemer could come from. Then I asked why the raven first and then the dove twice? According to one internet source the raven represents the sinner who just wanders the world. The dove twice returned to the safety of the boat. Then I asked www.JEFF.com why God told about the covenant repeated times. Jeff explained that God gave one instruction about he Garden of Eden. “Do not eat of that tree.” Apparently once was not enough then, so God repeated his covenant clearly. So I leave today with multiple scratch spots on my head and eager to ask more questions.

Today in math it taught us about probability. More specifically it gave us problems like you buy two shorts and three shirts. How many possible outfits could you make from your shopping trip? (Shopping…I hate shopping) Now ladies, please don’t ask about colors and materials that information is not important. Let me tell you, on the first question I went with colors too. But the lesson didn’t care about embarrassing outfits, they just wanted to know how many sets could you make. I got the first question wrong because I would not wear a green shirt with turquoise pants. Back to school 2 (shorts) x 3 (shirts) = 6 possible outfits. JD got this lesson down quickly and scored 100% on both the lesson and the quiz.

It seems the Louisiana Purchase has been coming up a lot lately so I had JD do two short social studies lessons on it in one day and a chapter quiz. JD knows all the basic facts of the event like names of people involved, reasons behind the purchase, and the dates committed to memory. And he really likes to say “Napoleon Bonaparte” in his best French accent. He once again mastered this lesson and scored a 100% on the lessons and chapter quiz. (As I sit here typing this I just realized I went into the history lesson again today instead of geography. Bummer. They‘re both in the tab called “Social Studies.”)

Reuben called me at 9:30 am today to ask what we were doing for lunch. I told him “nothing.” So we made plans for him and his girl friend (?) to come for lunch at 11:20 am which was close to our normal lunch time. I had JD do two short language arts lessons while I showered and cleaned up the house a bit. So I don’t know the contents of the four passages he read. I do know he read passages about “cause and effect” as well as the “author’s purpose.” He scored a 100% and a 93% without my assistance. Go JD!

Unfortunately, Reuben didn’t make it here until 12:20 pm and they stayed until 2:15 pm so our school day was a bit turned upside down and long. It was a nice visit and I was kind of sad to see him go again.

I made a deal with JD after Reuben left that if he endured the long science lesson and short quiz that I would drop the email/snail mail lesson. (Amazing! I had the most positive and attentive child during that time. Smile) Today we learned about the men behind the unexpected scientific results. JD learned more about Thomas Edison and a gentleman named Nikola Tesla. JD learned the little light in the light bulb was called a filament. Did you know while experimenting with that little wire that Edison tried macaroni and human hair? Weird huh?

So our school day ended at 3:00 pm. That was a long day. Whew…prepare for tomorrow.

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  1. macarone and human hair? explain. Hope this posts, it didn't yesterday.
    Glad you and Jonathan had a good visit with
    big brother, Reuben