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Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the books

It was difficult to get started today after our relaxing spring break vacation (below.) It was a slow paced and relaxing day. We of course started today as we do any other school day, with our daily devotion. Today was about the start of National Mathematics Month. (Oh joy!) It started out with 2+2=4. That makes sense and it’s a lesson none of us has ever forgotten. And it’s actually adds up to four. Then it transitioned into other things that make sense. We look around for clues and evidence in our everyday lives that make sense and to see if they add up too. If people ever wonder about God they only need look for the clues and check out the evidence. The bible is FILLED with evidence of the truth about God. And when you read the bible the evidence adds up!

We have not had a chance yet to make a trip to the library so JD and I started reading The Boys Life Application Study Bible together. It’s the New Living Translation. I don’t particularly like that version but it works for this purpose I guess. We started with Genesis 1 (the account of creation) and read through Genesis 4 (the birth of Seth.) JD and I talked about the first sin and what it must have been like for God to fuss at them. (I can’t say I would have made a better choice than Eve.) I fuss at the youth group on Sunday mornings about making good choices. I say WE have lots of examples from the bible about people making poor choices but WE still continue to do the same things wrong. I of course include myself in the WE parts. Even though times have certainly changed from B.C. times, Satan still uses the same deception in our lives today. I feel fortunate in knowing JD and I are in our “Christian bubble” here at the house. So I am confident that God has set this time aside for both JD and I to absorb His word. Basically I feel like these are the “formative” years for JD and I to learn about God’s love and provisions. I guess my biggest fear is the day JD leaves the safety of this bubble in order to “do life.” I can only hope and pray he lives what he’s been taught. I fear for the current trend of young people graduating high school and turning away from the church in their rebellion.

Ok that was deep so let‘s quickly move onto geometry. Today was the last day of geometry. Yeah! Today we learned about similarities of objects. We had to identify the difference between similar angles (same shape but different angles) and congruent angles (same shape and same angles.) JD scored a 100% on both the lesson and the quiz. He’s also glad geometry is officially over!

Today in keyboarding JD did Dance Mat typing level 2 stage 4. He did well with minimal peeking.

For journal today I suggested JD’s write about our vacation to Tennessee, but he thought that was too much writing. So I said, “Ok then write 20 times ‘I do not want to write today.’” He went straight to the computer and I quickly halted him. I said, “I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to type ‘I do not want to write today’ and then you’ll copy and past it 19 times. No my friend you’ll be writing it out.” He happily agreed to write it out. (Amazing) He did great accept he wrote “right” instead of “write.”

We spent a lot of time outside today on breaks so we dropped art today.

JD has 10 new spelling words. They all have something to do with our vacation. I did a pretest today and he got 4 out of 10 correct. But the other words were only off by a letter or two.

Spring Break (5-9 Apr)
JD and I drove to Tennessee for our Spring Break vacation time. I was anxious about driving without Jeff because I’ve only driven that drive once before without Jeff. But JD and I arrived safely on Monday, 5 April at 3:30 pm. From there it was relaxation time. On Tuesday JD and I walked in downtown Elizabethton where there are lots of antique shops and the veterans walls. We found JD’s genealogy line right next to each other on the veterans’ wall. We took in some lunch and bought some bread for the ducks. I love relaxing by the covered bridge. We went to Doe River and fed the hungry ducks. JD only wanted to dip his feet in the river so I agreed. By the time we got home he had to completely change for a play date with his cousin Benjamin. They played for hours until Benjamin’s mom picked him up. Thus ends Tuesday. Wednesday JD, me, Grammy, and Papaw went to the lake for a relaxing day of fishing. We took a Subway lunch and fully enjoyed the day. Although JD “did not catch even one fish.” Thursday JD, me, Grammy, and Papaw went to the Natural History Museum that was in Gray TN. It was really nice for it’s small size. Amazing that we’re still finding prehistoric creatures today. The museum was almost all entirely hands on so JD was occupied the whole time. After our visit to the museum JD, me, and Grammy went to Erwin to visit our grand babies. The girls look great and happy. (As do their parents) You know when there are babies around we tend to overlook the parents. It was a joy to hold Isabella and play with Suri. Friday was go home day. JD and I left at lunch time to head back to North Carolina. We completely enjoyed ourselves at Grammy and Papaw’s house. It was the brain break I needed. I just wish Jeff could have come, but unfortunately he just started a new job and did not have any vacation days yet. Thanks again for having us. We loved every minute and memory of it. (Smile)

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